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Removals Services From the UK to Poland

If you’re planning a move from the UK to Poland, you’ll need to find a reliable removals service. Before you make your decision, you need to know how much goods you’ll have to move. You can use a volume calculator to find out the costs involved.

Przeprowadzki Bialy Orzel

Przeprowadzki Bialy Orzel is the UK’s premier international removals company. Their team can handle everything from small boxes to the entire contents of a house or office. Whether you are relocating to Poland for work or pleasure, Przeprowadzki Bialy Orzel can help. They also have the tools and expertise to move your most fragile items safely.

The company is genuine. They are registered in the UK and appear in the Companies House register. Their phone number is 7920408303, which makes them an authentic removals company. Their services are fully insured, and their drivers have been specially trained for the job. Their goal is to provide the best service to customers at the most reasonable price. Find more on their website – Przeprowadzki UK Polska Bialy Orzel


Relax has the best international moving services, and their team can handle everything from small boxes to the entire contents of your house or office. Their professional staff is always available, courteous, and thorough. In fact, they are among the UK’s most trusted moving companies. If you’re looking for a UK removal company that can move your entire household to a new city in Poland, Reloux can help you make the move easier.

You’ll need to know several things before hiring a removals service from the UK to Poland. First, you’ll need to show proof of your UK residence. This can be a council tax bill, or even a bank statement showing your current address. You’ll also need to fill out a self-certification form to notify the customs authorities of your move. During this process, you’ll need to state that the household items won’t be sold, rented, or traded. Another important thing to do is to provide a CMR form to your driver. It’s a form that is used to notify customs authorities of the movement of cargo.

Finally, you’ll need to make sure venturebeat you’re hiring a genuine UK removals company. A genuine company will appear on the Companies House register. For example, VanOne is a limited company in London with company number 09500048. The pictures of the company’s staff are not generic.

Advance moves

When moving to Poland, it’s wise to choose a removal service with a proven track record. Using a middleman service is not advisable because they can overcharge you. It’s also a good idea to use a removals company that is registered in the UK with a Company House number. VanOne, a London-based company with company number 09500048, is one example of a legitimate UK removals company that offers services to customers in Poland.

When moving from the UK to Poland, the journey takes around 30 hours. The journey from Scotland to Poland is longer, however, and can take up to 48 hours. Even small amounts of belongings may take up to five days to make it to the new location. Advance removals services from the UK to Poland offer a range of options to make this process as easy as possible.

If you are moving from the UK to Poland, you’ll need to get all the necessary paperwork in order. In many cases, you need to get a Transfer of Residence status. This is a legal requirement for residential removals, and failure to get this status could cost you as much as 23% of the total value of your possessions. In addition, you’ll need to create a detailed packing list to avoid any unexpected costs.

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