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Review of the 7 Funniest IDNS Slot Machines in 2023

Want to try a slot machine with an Indonesian theme? You can try all slot machines made by IDN Slot. As a slot provider that is quite well-known in the world of online betting, IDN is again expanding its wings by providing slot betting. Counted as one of the slot providers that has existed for a long time.

This provider itself is a branch of IDN. As you know, IDN is an online betting company with lots of branches. Starting from IDN Poker, IDNPlay, IDNLive and many more. Therefore, the problem of fame does not need to be asked again, even in the midst of the onslaught of its competitors.

IDN Slots has been able to survive and continue to issue various types of quality slot machines. This proves the provider’s ability to meet all the standards desired by its players. It’s just that do you already know the 7 best slot machine recommendations offered by this provider? The following are recommendations for the best slot machines from these providers.

IDN Slot Machines Always Gacor

IDN Slot continues to develop into a provider with its own advantages. Starting from the unique theme for each slot machine he makes. Up to the RTP value on the slot machine. For this reason, now you will find detailed information about several recommended slot machines from this provider.

  1. Bali: Heaven on Earth

First is Bali, which is a slot machine from IDN Slot with an RTP Slot rate of 98%. Raising the main theme of the area of Bali, one of the most popular provinces for tourists. Bali itself is famous for its various customs and traditions. Like the main icon in the slot game which is the Pendet dancer.

In this slot machine you can get several features including:

  • Jackpots
  • Wild
  • Free Games

For the Jackpot itself you will get an advantage when you manage to collect the symbols, the payment goes directly to the balance. While the wild is a symbol that replaces the other and acts as a multiple. For Free Games is a type of feature where when you collect it you can enter into free spins mode.

The number of spins depends on the symbols you have collected. Finally, there are several payment patterns that can be obtained while betting on this slot machine, the following is a pattern.

In total there are 40 paylines that can be obtained while betting on the slot machine.

This Bali slot machine has the smallest affordable nominal bet, which is IDR 200, while the maximum itself reaches IDR 3 million. You can make multiple profits if you manage to bet big and get the jackpot when playing this slot machine.

Then there are also some symbols that pay huge profits. Even up to millions of Rupiah. Multiple face and statue symbols will result in the maximum payout. While other symbols only pay an ordinary nominal. Overall, Bali is a very interesting choice of slot machines for you to try.

  1. Ultra Gatotkaca

Second, you can play Ultra Gatotkaca, the game mechanism is almost the same as other types of scatter slots. Where each symbol will be paid in any part as long as 9 pieces are collected. When the symbol is successfully collected, the symbol will break and then be replaced by another that appears from above. When there is a new symbol that also matches the old set. Then there will be another payment.

Like other scatter slots, you can enjoy the Free Spin feature provided by the developer. Then there is also a multiplier symbol, maybe in other slots you know the term wild. These scatters and multipliers are interconnected. Because the multiplier symbol will automatically multiply your total wins when there is a corresponding symbol.

As for scatters, you collect at least 3, so you can enter free play mode. Where in this mode, you can enjoy a multiplier that multiplies according to the symbols that have been successfully obtained and the multiplier symbols as well.

Ultra Gatotkaca itself has an RTP of 97%. Not inferior to Bali: Heaven on Earth which has an RTP of 98%. Moreover, Ultra Gatotkaca is a scatters slot machine, meaning that symbols can be paid anywhere without any payment pattern.

  1. Anti-Corruption

The next slot machine choice that also offers big profits is Anti-Corruption. Raising the theme of eradicating corruption, with a variety of funny and interesting symbols. The game mechanism is simpler. Because there are only 15 slot boxes, there are 25 payment lines that apply. There are two features, namely scatters as triggers for free spins and wilds that will multiply the profit value.

Then also you can buy the free play feature by paying 100 times the value of the bet. The following are the paylines that apply to the Anti-Corruption slot machine.

The paylines are not that hard to find.

Real time payouts once you get a symbol according to that payline. This slot machine has a moderate RTP of 79%. Because the payout value is also not that big, but in general playing it will be very interesting for you.

  1. Djakarta

Another interesting and profitable slot machine is Djakarta from Slot Online. This slot machine carries the theme of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, with its various customs. The main icon, Ondel-Ondel, appears to accompany you while betting later. Then in this slot machine Wild, Free Spin and jackpot will be available.

The jackpot is in the form of the soto betawi symbol, while the Wild is in the form of auto rickshaws and mini metro Scatters. There are 25 valid paylines, because the slot boxes available on this slot machine are almost the same as Anti-Corruption, namely 15.

The payline itself is almost the same, there are only a few differences. In general, Djakarta has a total RTP of 87%. Become a slot machine that you should play when choosing an IDN provider.

  1. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends itself is a MOBA game on smartphones and is quite famous in Indonesia. This time IDN Slot adapted the game into the slot machine it designed, with the same name. The system is almost similar to other slot scatters.

Where you can get paid when you have collected 9 of the same symbols. Then there is also a multiplier feature and also free spins. The game mechanism will not be much different from Ultra Gatotkaca. It’s just that the RTP that Mobile Legends has is quite gacor, namely 98%. Almost the same as Bali: Heaven on Earth.

Therefore, this slot machine is one of the recommended games when you become a betting player with an IDN provider.

  1. Snacks 90s

Then there is Snacks from the 90s, elevating the forge of snacks from the 90s. Which will take you in its own nostalgia. The mechanism of this slot machine is the same as Anti-Corruption, as well as the payline. Until the features are also not so much different.

It’s just that the difference is in the type of symbol and also the RTP it has. The RTP of this one slot machine is 84%. It is still classified as a slot machine that can be relied upon when you want to make more profits while betting on this market.

In general, this 90s snack is quite interesting starting from the large RTP value. Then also the theme of the game which brings its own nostalgia.

  1. Phoenix Rises

Phoenix Rises is a slot machine with an RTP of 89%. The game mechanism is not much different from Anti-Corruption or Snacks of the 90s. Has Scatters, Wild and Jackpot features. The payline is also the same as anti-corruption.

This is a slot machine that was quite hype when it was first launched by IDN Slots. Because it carries a theme that is quite unique, namely the mythological creature of the Phoenix bird.

IDN Slots at Vio88 and Nirwanapoker are safer and more reliable

Those are all recommendations for 7 slot machines from IDN Slots. You can play all slot machines from these providers on these two sites, namely IDN Slots and Vio88. Apart from providing complete slot games, this trusted site has also been proven to provide consistent payouts for the winners.

So you no longer need to worry if you want to benefit from playing slots. The answer lies in becoming a loyal member on the best betting sites, if not that’s fine. You can start by registering here, after that, bet to your heart’s content and get the desired profit so far.

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