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Say Goodbye to Skype on Hotmail! 😊

Hotmail has been an essential email service for millions of users worldwide. Over the years, Microsoft has added new features to this email service, including Skype. However, Microsoft has recently announced that it will no longer support Skype on Hotmail. In this article, we’ll explore why Hotmail users should rejoice at this news and how to wave goodbye to Skype on Hotmail today!

Hotmail Users Rejoice: Skype is Out!

For years, Hotmail users have been frustrated by Skype’s integration into their email service. The constant notifications and pop-ups have disrupted their email experience. But, with Skype’s departure, users can now enjoy a more streamlined and focused email service.

Moreover, Skype’s exit from Hotmail will not affect users’ ability to use Skype as a standalone application. With the Skype application, users can still make calls, send messages, and video chat with their friends and family worldwide. Indeed, this is a win-win situation for Hotmail and Skype users alike.

Wave Goodbye to Skype on Hotmail Today!

Hotmail users can now disable Skype integration from their email service. To do so, users need to log in to their Hotmail account, click on the Settings icon, and select Options. From the Options page, users need to click on Skype Settings and select Disable Skype. Once done, the Skype integration will be removed from the Hotmail service.

Alternatively, Hotmail users who wish to keep using Skype can upgrade to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a collaborative platform that offers features such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing. By upgrading to Microsoft Teams, Hotmail users can enjoy a more integrated and robust communication system with their colleagues and friends.

Hotmail’s decision to remove Skype integration is welcome news for users. With Skype out of Hotmail, users can enjoy a more streamlined and focused email experience. Hotmail users who wish to keep using Skype can upgrade to Microsoft Teams, a powerful collaboration tool. In all, Hotmail users should say goodbye to Skype on Hotmail with a smile on their faces!

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