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Shivaji Satam Bio, Net Worth, Weight, Age, Wiki, Filmography, Girlfriends, Wife

Shivaji Satam is an Indian actor best known for his role as ACP Pradyuman in the Indian television series CID. He is an accomplished and highly respected actor with a career spanning over four decades. His performances have been widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. In this article, we will delve into Shivaji Satam’s biography, net worth, weight, age, wiki, filmography, girlfriends, and wife.

Shivaji Satam’s Biography

Shivaji Satam was born in the city of Mumbai, India on April 21, 1950. He comes from a Marathi family and his father was a professional photographer. Shivaji completed his schooling from the prestigious St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. After graduating, he pursued a career in acting and made his debut in the 1976 Marathi film, Pudhcha Paul. He was soon cast in a number of Marathi films and television shows, garnering critical acclaim and recognition for his roles.

In 1998, Shivaji landed the role of ACP Pradyuman in the popular television series CID. He portrayed the role for over two decades, making him one of the longest-serving Indian television actors. Apart from CID, Shivaji has also acted in numerous Marathi films and television shows. He has also won several awards, including a Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Villainous Role.

Shivaji Satam’s Net Worth and Other Details

Shivaji Satam has an estimated net worth of $2 million, which he has amassed through his successful acting career. He has appeared in over 50 films and television shows in his four-decade long career. Shivaji currently stands at a height of 5’10" and weighs around 75 kg. He has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Shivaji is currently 70 years old and is married to Sunanda Satam. The couple has two daughters, Shrinidhi and Sujay. Shivaji is active on social media and has a large fan following. His official Instagram page has over 1 million followers.

Shivaji Satam is one of India’s most respected and accomplished actors. He has been in the entertainment industry for over four decades and has appeared in numerous films and television shows. His performances have been widely appreciated and he is loved by millions of fans all over the world. Shivaji is an inspiration to aspiring actors and his decades-long career is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

Indian actor Shivaji Satam, born on 21 April 1950, is a household name in the country, most notably known for his remarkable portrayal of ACP Pradyuman in the famous Indian TV show ‘CID’. The veteran actor has featured in several television dramas and Hindi films, and earned critical acclaim for his acting skills.

Satam started his film career with the Marathi film Padandhaar (1985). Since then, he has appeared in many successful Marathi films, some of which have received National Film Awards. Satam’s reputation was further bolstered by his performance in the movie ‘Doghi’ (1995), in which he won the Marathi State Award for Best Actor.

He became a household name after his much-raved performance in the hit TV show ‘CID’, which has been running for fourteen years. The show garnered Satam widespread fame and earned him much appreciation from the television industry as well as the audience.

Satam is estimated to have a net worth of over 6 crore rupees, and a monthly salary of 1.5 lakh rupees. He has a well-toned body and stands at an estimated height of 6 feet and a weight of 73 kgs.

Moreover, the 70 year old actor is blessed with a beautiful family. He is married to Ashwini and has two sons named Aankush and Manish satam. Not much is known about his girlfriends.

Satam is one of the most successful and prolific actors in Indian television and movies. He is also an excellent stage performer and can easily make an audience laugh with his jocular remarks. With his performances in numerous films and TV shows, Satam has managed to cement his name as one of the greatest actors in the Indian film industry.

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