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Signs You Need a Top Animator to Work on Your Project

Jack of all trades, master of none.

You can practice an infinite number of skills, but you won’t end up mastering any. Sad reality. 

For one, our brains are not wired to master everything. Two, more often, we don’t have the time to do everything on our own. The same goes for business. 

Let’s say, you need 10000 hours to master one skill. Though you may be amazing at learning (assuming you’re a quick learner), still, it would take years for you, to achieve John-Wick-level of mastery (for any craft). 

That is why outsourcing became a popular term. It allowed brands to synergize with quality teams and leverage their growth. 

One industry that works best with outsourcing is the animation industry. Studios even though are well aware of the need for pumping in stacks of cash for producing animations, they often end up rushing through their projects. 

In particular, tech companies and video editing studios are caught up with too much to do. Executing and managing everything on your own could mean a real stretch. And, more so, it’s risky. 

On top of that, deadlines could be tough to impossible to meet. But you need not worry. Imagine if you could have a top animator working for you. One that is not only dependable but highly reliant, professional, and talented. 

Now, the question ponders, how are you going to find one?

And, how do you know if you really need one?

Well, this blog will walk you through that. We’ll slowly discover the signs you need to outsource your animation projects.  

That’s not it. But after reading this, you’ll also learn, why outsourcing your animation project can be the real deal. 

So, let’s dive right in. 

You lack expertise

Let’s say you love animations. But, you struggle at pulling off the job in time. Though it can be a stretch, you don’t have to chase every job. It would suit you more to delegate. 

While you save time, you can always go after marketing your brand name. A marketing firm usually outsources to a video animation agency it saves the hurdle of hiring talent. 

Moreover, outsourced teams also provide a pool of talent. That puts you at an edge. You no longer need to meet and greet recruiters. No need to scan hundreds of potential candidates. All you need is a quality team. 

Another good reason to outsource animation is the cost. Finding an in-house team with all skills and equipment can be a challenge too. Planning the infrastructure could take time too. 

So, don’t cry over your lack of expertise. Be smart, hone your marketing skills and outsource the animation game to the best talent in the industry. 

You’re bound by time

Time is another key factor. Assuming you’re limited by time to act and take decisions, outsourcing is the way to go! You don’t have to learn and do everything on your own. 

Getting hands-on with new tools for motion graphics and animation can take several hours. Though the idea of doing it by yourself may be adorable, the reality can be quite the opposite. 

Animators and graphic designers work tirelessly to pull off the job on time. With limited resources of time and money, outsourcing should be your option. You don’t have to hire or learn. 

You can tap the most world-class animators to get started with your job. That’s what outsourcing means. It opens doors of opportunities to work with the best of the best. 

In fact, you don’t even have to connect and train your workforce. You save yourself the hurdle and focus more on the managerial aspect of your job. 

Interestingly companies that continue to outsource, say that they’re able to maintain a keen eye for quality. While they outsource the technical and less demanding aspects of the project, they can pay more close attention to strategy, team hierarchy, and the quality of the final product. 

It’s not just some small studios. Pixar, Disney and some other giant brands in the industry also outsource animation work. For one, they want to promote a culture of diversity and inclusivity. 

But more importantly, they’re able to delegate less important jobs of the project. And, work more toward project management and quality assurance. 

That not only creates more opportunities for work and content production but also ensures efficiency and team sustainability. So, the managing workload seems more practical when companies are outsourcing animation projects. 

Know that most companies outsource some parts of the project. If you wish to outsource the entire job, you need to work closely with the team that will take your job. 

You have a tight budget

Many American companies and those in Europe outsource their animation projects to expert animators in Asian countries. Most brands have dived into the pond too. 

But why are they doing so?

There may be multiple reasons. But the cost is the primary factor. 

Let’s say a project costs 300000 USD for an entire project. It would cost 1/3rd of that amount if you plan to outsource skills from a developing country. 

And, frankly speaking, low cost does not equate to poor project quality. 

Studios can get the job done for the fraction of the cost they would pay in-house. And, while they save a good load of money, they can keep a sharp eye on the quality of the final product. 

Studios are investing more time and money in communication. So, that projects are completed beforehand. 

You can pick the same formula. If you’re on a tight budget, no problem.  Plus, you can save handsome money to spend on other critical stuff like marketing and project handling. 

So, consider hiring an expert animator, if you’re on a tight budget. You don’t need to shell out for unwanted expenses. Drop the idea of in-house. Outsource to save time and money. 

Your rivals have taken the leap

Animation outsourcing is immensely popular. The market is growing. It is expected to surpass 190 billion USD in value by 2024. That shows how much brands are willing to outsource their work.

Though communication has been a real challenge, it is no longer like the older days. Most developing countries have a trained and qualified workforce. 

English is the language of instruction and contact. However, cultural appropriation might be a problem. So, companies are investing more in enhancing the communication process.

As someone who has worked with a qualified and talented team, in our experience, more and more brands are opting for the outsourcing option. It’s not just cost-effective but also contributes a ton to strategic planning and execution. 

That’s another important sign for anyone in the animation niche to take the leap. Because your rivals have already gone a step forward. You can’t afford to wait and figure out your way to increase revenue with old-school tactics.

Sadly, it might not work for you.   

Your niche is gaming

Here’s another sign you can’t ignore. If you belong to the gaming industry, then outsourcing may perhaps be the option to get started. The gaming industry has been the driving factor for the growth of outsourcing. 

The industry is booming. As per Statista, the gaming industry will grow by 9.2 % by 2025, crossing the 220 billion USD mark. 

People of all age play games. It’s not limited to youth anymore. And, more gaming production houses are now outsourcing their work to qualified, and more dedicated studios. It not only saves time and money but also allows them to explore a plethora of new gaming projects. 

So, if you’re niche is gaming, you can consider outsourcing the project. Animations require high-end graphics, which you might not be able to deliver on your own, at least in a shorter time. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. Animation outsourcing is really popular. Above, we discussed some signs you need a top animator to work on your project. Outsourcing does not mean a cut in profit in the animation industry. 

Even top studios like Pixar, Walt Disney, and others outsource their animation work. 

For one, it allows them to grab more projects and capture more markets. Two, they’re able to save a great deal of money. Three, with saved time, they tend to focus more on project handling and quality assurance. 

Not only studios, brands, and agencies have dived into the pond too. 

So, you should take the leap too. 

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