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Smoke And Fire Damage Restoration

If your home or office has been damaged by fire or smoke, you need to know where to turn to restore your property to a safe and clean condition. If you live in the Southern Florida area, you should contact Rapid Restoration, the smoke and fire damage restoration experts.

The professionals at Rapid Restoration have been restoring smoke and fire-damaged homes in the Boca Raton area for over twenty years. Every team member is ready to help home and business owners in need. Their company will inspect your home and give you a free and detailed estimate for their services. They are available 24 hours a day. They will come to your location as quickly as possible when you call them. They know you not only need your home back as soon as possible, but you need it to be clean and safe and assured that no further damage would occur. Your smoke and fire damage restoration project will be in excellent hands.

Damages from a fire can often extend beyond the visibly damaged areas and require a complex restoration process. Rapid Restoration will perform a thorough job, but they will do it as quickly as possible. Rapid Restoration’s smoke and fire damage restoration professionals will compassionately undertake all the steps needed for your smoke and fire restoration.

Their services after fire and smoke include:

Cleaning personal belongings – soot, ash, dirt and other materials will be safely and professionally removed from your belongings.

Content inventory will list all items in your home and divide them into salvageable and non-salvageable.

Contents packing – Salvageable items are safely packed so they can be returned after the home or office is restored

Storage of personal belongings – Once your items are packed, they will be safely and professionally stored

Smoke Odor elimination – Done with modern chemical and mechanical methods

Ozone treatment – for additional odor elimination

Soot inspection and removal – after a fire, soot covers the surfaces with a fine black mist. If all soot is not removed, it can create toxic conditions which can harm people with cardiac and respiratory diseases.

Restoration or replacement of floors – they will clean or restore your damaged floors.

Reconstruction of damaged structures – If any of the structures of your building are damaged, Rapid Recovery will safely and professionally be rebuilt

Assurance that your home will be structurally sound – you will be assured your building is safe. They will also board up and secure your home during the restoration period to protect your property from vandals or other dangers.

Rapid Recovery professionals receive extensive home restoration training, so they are entirely prepared to expertly deal with all types of smoke and fire damage restoration services for homes and businesses. Seeing your home or office damaged by fire or smoke is devastating. But, their¬† professionals will work with your “insurance company, zoning officials, or housing authorities” (1) to make your Restoration as stress-free as possible.

Give them a call today at (561) 344-5070, and you will get a prompt response. When you start the smoke and fire damage restoration process by calling Rapid Restoration, “It will be the last call you’ll need to make!” (1)


(1) “Emergency Restoration Services,” posted on website of


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