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Solo Travel: Tips and Tricks for Exploring the World on Your Own

For those who love to travel, there is nothing quite as exciting as venturing out into the great unknown by yourself. Traveling by oneself can provide a person with unique insights on destinations around the world all while encouraging personal growth via independence. However, the world is a dangerous place for even the most experienced travelers, meaning taking precautions to keep yourself safe should always be a priority. 

Safety Tips to Follow When Traveling Alone

Even if you consider yourself to be a seasoned traveler, it’s never a bad idea to take the time to prepare properly for your journey. After all, theft is the most common crime travelers are faced with and more violent crimes can occur just as easily. It is advisable always to choose a place that is low on crime for better security. Brunswick Island North Carolina is considered safe for visitors. The area has a relatively low crime rate, and incidents of violent crime are rare. However, it is always important to practice common sense and take precautions to ensure personal safety.

Use the following five tips to keep yourself safe on your journey: 

1. Inform friends and family of your plans

When traveling by yourself, it’s important that you share all of your plans with your friends and family. Even if you aren’t able to give your loved ones a play-by-play of your trip in real time, simply telling them what your schedule looks like over the course of your trip can be beneficial. Should something happen to you on your journey, having someone who knows where you were going can help in any sort of investigation. 

2. Invest in travel insurance

It’s always important to prepare for the unknown whether that be sickness, weather, theft, or something else entirely. To that end, travel insurance can help ensure you recoup some of the investment you put into your trip. Considering even solo trips can quickly reach the thousands of dollars in cost depending on the destination, all solo travelers should consider protecting their journey. 

3. Keep your valuables safe and secure

Not all robberies happen when you are out walking on the streets of an unknown city. While you are enjoying a nice dinner somewhere, it’s entirely possible that someone is rummaging through your unsecured luggage and stealing valuables without you present. Instead, use an accredited luggage storage service in your city that can hold onto your valuables while you do some exploring. 

4. Keep an emergency plan in place

As mentioned, preparing for the unknown is necessary as a solo traveler. To that end, always keep an emergency plan in place that protects against weather, theft, crime, and other situations. In addition to this, keep the names and numbers of close contacts on your person as well as any applicable first aid materials you may need. These items can help keep you safe should something unexpected happen while you are exploring a new city. 

5. Avoid traveling at night

Even the safest of cities can have crime occur, and the sun setting often results in an increase in the amount of crime that hits the streets. Regardless of the city or country you are visiting, avoid traveling at night if at all possible. If you need to drive or travel by night, only do so in the presence of a group that you trust, as opposed to being all on your own. 

How to Choose Your Next Vacation Destination 

With all of the above safety tips in mind, the next item of business is choosing your next vacation spot. However, picking one spot out of all the options available is a challenge. Below are a few beneficial tips for picking your next vacation destination: 

  • Design a budget with a maximum spending limit so you can see where you can afford 
  • Decide on the time of year you want to travel due to weather conditions or tourist season
  • See if your credit card rewards portal offers discounts to certain destinations around the world
  • Consider going to the lesser known tourist destinations around the world
  • Let your interest in accommodations or activities guide your decision for where to go
  • Use social media to mark locations that are of interest to you based on photos
  • Ask the most well-travelled people that you know where you should go

The Bottom Line

When traveling, whether for business or pleasure, it’s important to take the time to prepare yourself for your travels. Rather than living yourself open to being a potential victim of crime, use the above tips to safeguard against the common dangers of travel. By using these tips, you can plan a fun and safe trip that will leave you wanting to get your next vacation on the calendar as soon as possible. 

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