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Spice Up Your Reading Nook With These Lighting Ideas

Reading is never just a hobby. Many people consider it an important part of their lifestyle. And for that reason alone, it is important to illuminate this space in a perfect manner. Lighting can lend just the depth and dimension your reading corner needs. There are many ways to enliven this space of yours. There are endless ways to plan the lighting layout of your library. You could start with the traditional layered lighting approach or you could simply prioritise the space where you’ll be spending a lot of time in the library.

The traditional layered lighting approach

If you proceed with this approach, you must start with the basics. And by basics, we mean planning the ambient, task and accent lighting individually. It goes without saying that these three elements of lighting blend together really well, but you still need to make sure that all the three interact well with each other and you don’t end up overdoing any of them.

For ambient lighting, the key is to make the best use of table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lights in the space as they can beautifully lend to the soft lighting your reading nook. If you have a couch or an armchair or a similar seating arrangement, you can lend focused lighting to this particular space by placing a table lamp or a floor lamp on either side. Try placing a wall light somewhere around to add a cosy glow to your space. When it comes to task lighting, you can choose to place a couple of focused downlighters around your seating space to create a functional space. And when it comes to accent lighting, you can place the lighting fixtures around your books and highlight them to add some depth and drama to your space.

Cosy up your reading nook with lighting

It is not merely about the illumination but also making the space as comfortable as it can get. If you have a lot of natural lighting in the space then let your reading nook outshine like none other by using the same. You can use a couple of hanging lights like chandeliers or pendant lights to lend a comforting glow to your home library.

A chandelier or a pendant light will not just become a focal point in itself but also accentuate the functionality quotient of your space quite effortlessly. Bring the best out of your library with a gorgeous hanging light. This is one thing you’ll definitely not regret getting for your space. You can also choose to adorn your reading nook with architectural lighting to complement the existing layout of your decor.

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