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Striving Mobile Games That Still Entertain Numerous Game-Lovers in 2023

Mobile games’ broad appeal spans generations because of their portability, simplicity, low cost, and high replay value. Regardless of your preferred genre, you’ll find various options among today’s mobile games. The popularity of mobile games has grown alongside the use of smartphones and the mobile web. The world’s mobile gaming market continues to expand year after year.

Today, you can find a wide variety of mobile games in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The challenge, however, is finding the best ones for you. Avoid the hassle of guessing which apps are the greatest at playing games on your mobile device; instead, refer to our carefully curated list. 

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Mobile game playing is a form of recreation that may be used as a break from the monotony of everyday life. During a pandemic, when getting together in person may be dangerous, keeping in touch with friends through online mobile games is helpful. It’s a fantastic method of both relaxing and stimulating the mind. Mobile games cover various genres, from adventure and puzzle to action and racing.

In 2023, these were the striving mobile game apps.

Candy Crush Saga

Downloads exceed a billion, making it the most downloaded game in history. A single player or group can enjoy this game. Get rid of your boredom with this game by solving a candy puzzle by matching candies of the same type. Everyone from young children to senior citizens loves playing Candy Crush Saga. With no end to the pursuit of tremendous success, the game ensures its players will always be hungry for more. You can grab it for nothing from either the Google Play or iTunes app stores.

Coin Master 

Knowing Coin Master by Moon Active has been downloaded over 100 million times indicates its widespread acclaim. Coin Master, a free casual mobile game, was released in 2015. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

It’s a solo experience where players earn currency to spend on new buildings and better equipment for their town. To make money for constructing their village or attacking other players’ settlements, the player must spin the wheel. Every player can access seven free spins every hour, and any additional efforts need real money. Through their many social media platforms, Coin Master also gives out freebies with a turn of the wheel. The player is captivated for long periods and left wanting more.

Pokemon Go

TechCrunch, a well-known online news outlet in the IT sector, has named Niantic, Inc.’s Pokemon Go one of the top apps, with over a billion downloads worldwide. Thanks to the mobile device’s GPS functionality, the Pokemon Go player can experience the game as though it were taking place in a real-world setting, complete with the capture and battle of virtual creatures known as Pokemon. 

This 2016 product supports Android, iOS, and iPad. Niantic, Inc.’s Pokemon Go is an innovative example of the AR Gaming (Augmented Reality Gaming) genre. After signing up for Pokemon Go, users can design and personalize their digital representation of the game’s protagonist. Furthermore, a player’s GPS-enabled avatar in Pokemon Go represents their position. As a result, it’s a joy to play, and the player has a stronger personal connection to the game.

Evony: The King’s Returns

The brain-training game “Evony: The King’s Returns” by TG Inc. has been downloaded over a hundred million times and features various problems. With more than a thousand stages, it will challenge and satisfy even the most dedicated gamers. There are a lot of puzzles and traps to get past before you can claim your prize. 

The ability to test one’s mental acuity grows more pungent as one unlocks more challenging puzzles. It was released in 2009, and it’s a cooperative game where you can work with others to figure out how to complete a task.

Clash of Clans 

Over 500 million copies of Clash of Clans have been downloaded since its 2012 release by Supercell. In 2012, it debuted on Apple’s iOS; in 2013, it made its way to the Google Play store for Android users. A gamer has the option of playing solo or with others at the same time.

Organize a group of fellow gamers into a clan, and use your combined skills in an organized assault on an opposing group. Playing this game requires much time and effort, but it’s well worth it.

Subway Surfers

Since its release in 2012 by SYBO Games, the subway racing game has been downloaded over a billion times. It’s a great time to overcome the challenges of being a graffiti artist in this single-player game. It’s compatible with a wide variety of operating systems and mobile devices. Its tremendous success can be attributed to its appeal to a wide range of individuals of different ages.


More than 10 million copies of Minecraft have been downloaded from Mojang since the game’s 2011 debut. It’s Windows, OS X, and Linux compatible. 

In Minecraft, players are free to express their imagination. They have complete creative freedom to construct anything they can imagine, from bare-bones hovels to elaborate palaces. The player makes use of available opportunities for self-expression. This game encourages players to go on adventures both alone and with others. It has several elements that can be discovered at the player’s speed.

Angry Birds Friends

The game’s success is reflected in the over a hundred million copies downloaded since its release in 2009. As the name suggests, “Angry Birds Friends” features a group of birds banding together to defend their eggs against a group of pigs. It’s a great way to fuel your competitive fire and pass the time, and it’s also a lot of fun.

Last Thoughts

A unique aspect of each game sets them apart. If you want to play a mobile game, you can use the methods described above. You could play a game with a single player or several people, pick a game that encourages imagination, like Minecraft, or go for a game that emphasizes strategy, like Clash of Clans. Personal preferences will guide your decision.

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