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Stunning on a Budget: Cost-Effective Bridesmaid Dresses 

Being a bridesmaid is sometimes costly, there are different ranges of prices in the market, how can one find a good quality bridesmaid gown without paying too much? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some great tips and tricks on finding beautiful bridesmaid dresses at affordable prices with tolerating styles that need minimal alterations. We’ll also highlight some of our favorite cost-effective bridesmaid dresses that will have your bridesmaids looking stunning. 

Section 1 : Unveil the producing cost of bridesmaid dresses

Good quality, stylish and affordable bridesmaid dresses can not be found so easily. There are countless merchants, they sell at different prices. How can we judge if I pay an affordable price and receive a well made one, or a negative quality one? One way to understand the pricing of bridesmaid dresses is to look at the production costs. The production of a bridesmaid dress typically includes fabric, labor, hand crafting cost, accessories(crystal, lace, pearls, embroideries and so on)and overhead costs. The type of fabric used in the dress plays a significant role in its cost, silky fabric can make the material cost $200, normal chiffon, satin fabrics are usually $30-40. Overhead costs, such as marketing and distribution, are also factored into the final price of the dress. Understanding the production costs of bridesmaid dresses can help you make informed decisions.

Some newly born DTC brands often write their prime costs of producing an item, is one of them, from each product page, you can see what all make up the whole price. And plus a little bit of profit, you will have a nice quality modest bridesmaid dress at a very cost effective price.

Section 2 : Saving Money on Fabric and unnecessary embellishment

Cost Effective Bridesmaid Dresses 1

One of the easiest ways to save money on bridesmaid dresses is to choose high quality but less expensive fabrics. Although silk feels and looks the best, it is too expensive yet very difficult to wash and maintain. Synthetic fabrics like chiffon, satin, velvet and lace can be more affordable than natural fabrics like silk. Another way to save on fabric costs is to choose dresses with less material. A Line dresses are the most chosen and flattering silhouette for bridesmaids, and let you pick up a less costly style. The volume of the skirt can be made from 7 yards(a full circle skirt which flows beautifully), 5 yards(It’s saver and one can barely see any difference from the 7-yard fabric big skirt), 3 yards skirt(known as slim A Line, and can be recognize it’s much less than the above 2). And shorter hemlines will use less fabrics too, for example the very popular midi length. PS: high low hemlines will not save any fabric, the most fabrics are tailored and thrown away. Additionally, opting for dresses without excessive embellishments, such as beading, crystal, pearls, hand made flowers or embroidery, can also help keep costs down. These small changes can make a significant difference in the final cost of the dress while still maintaining its elegance and style. By prioritizing what is important and avoiding unnecessary add-ons, you can find cost-effective bridesmaid dresses that look just as stunning as their more expensive counterparts.

Section 3 : Getting the Perfect Fit

Getting the perfect fit and try to save the extra alterations cost to maintain the final cost within your budget. Take your accurate measurements, and choose your size from the merchant’s size chart, and also, don’t be afraid to contact the seller telling them your measurements and ask for their professional advice. However, despite all the effort, there might still be possibilities that the dress doesn’t fit very well, so some alterations may still be needed. To save money on it, consider choosing dresses with forgiving silhouettes, such as empire waistlines or flowy A-line skirts. These styles can be more forgiving on different body types and may require fewer alterations. Opt for dresses with less embellishments and decorations, to alter a dress with hand sewn beadings, embroidery is a huge work, the seamstress has to remove all the decorations, make the alteration, and then sew them back to their place again, that’s a lot much work, and will be costly. Another option is to choose dresses that are adjustable, allowing each bridesmaid to find the best fit without requiring extensive alterations, for example, wrap dresses are stringed around the waist, each of your squad can tie it to fit perfectly. So keep it in mind that choosing styles that will require minimal alterations will save you both time and money.

Cost Effective Bridesmaid Dresses 2

Section 4 : Our top pick-ups at affordable prices and can flatter all body shapes. From $79 to $99 

  1.  Modest champagne satin midi dress. It features a modest crew neckline, butterfly sleeves are flattering for all body shapes, the slightly ruched details adds a feel of design while with low crafting cost, midi length is comfortable and popular. $79.99 only.

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2. Steel blue dress. It has beautiful drape around the neckline, that can be worn in 3 ways, off-the-shoulder, V neck cap sleeves, and cold shoulder drapes, your squad can choose a flattering way for themselves.  $79.99 only.

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3. Steel blue velvet wrap dress. The flutter sleeves are flattering for all body shapes, the V neckline is neither too low nor too high, showing a beautiful proportion. The waist size can be tied to the wearer’s size. Simple and elegant cut! $89.99 only.

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4. Modest lavender dress with free waist. The dress features a modest crew neckline and bishop sleeves. It has no waistline, you can tie the sash around wherever you want, as an empire waist for expecting bridesmaids, or at natural waist, or put the top fabric a little bit over to create a popover look. However, it doesn’t mean that you can wear a size 2 if you are actually a size 16, you need to consider the shoulder width of different sizes, so still need to choose size according to your actual measurements. $89.99

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