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Supermicro has been a technology industry leader with its revolutionary solutions and products. Founded in 1993, Supermicro is one of the leading suppliers of server motherboards and storage systems for data centers worldwide.

Supermicro’s most recent advancements, such as H310, X8DT4-F, and C621, are causing it to be one of the fastest-growing companies in this high-tech industry. They constantly strive to bring their clients the best product possible at an affordable price that meets all needs, from small businesses to international corporations that need to scale up quickly. 5G Ran – 

With the technological advancements towards 5G, Supermicro provides a scalable and customizable system to fit the user’s needs. It was built to provide high performance and security for its customers. 

Supermicro’s goal with their new motherboard is to create a machine that requires less space, runs quietly and cool, delivers impressive speeds, and is easy for the user to work on. The Supermicro X11 Architecture follows current chip design trends to minimize power draw. 

Supermicro’s 5g Ran has the most updated I/O technology, is easy to use, and servers are reliable. Their product is a powerful high-speed 4-port gigabit ethernet controller. What makes it so appealing and 5G is its ability to obtain a full-duplex gigabit speed that maximizes bandwidth beyond 1 gigabit per second in both directions. They have optimized their controllers to provide high performance within the data center. This high-speed ethernet card can deliver over 2GB/s of bandwidth and route over 8GB/s. 

Supermicro has the vision to make 5G Ran the industry’s first 4-port full-duplex gigabit ethernet adapter with 460W EPOWER supply. With multiple operating systems supported, including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, VMware ESX, KVM, and XenServer, our adapters are easy to implement and reduce unnecessary OS rework. The Superserver provides enterprise-level features that save time and money for service providers who deploy the product in their data centers. The advantages of the new 5G Ran are outstanding throughput and low latency. 

The Supermicro X11-F follows the industry’s trend of smaller, more efficient motherboards for scale-out systems. The X11-F is powered by Intel’s 12-core Xeon D-1518 processor, delivering a maximum of 24 cores, 48 threads, and 8 channels ECC memory. It can achieve speeds of 3.22 GB/s per core within an 8p bracket configuration. The X11-F’s onboard iGPU delivers enhanced video capabilities with realtime transcoding, allowing for immersive experiences. Users can utilize the integrated USB 3.1 Gen 2 controller and USB 3.0 a/b/g/n controller for high-speed data transfers. Our scalable small form factor designs deliver enterprise class hardware performance in a full-rack server for maximum compute density and energy efficiency.

Supermicro is currently working to create an efficient system within the market that is affordable and affordable for small businesses to use as well as mid sized businesses who may want to scale up their business but aren’t ready for an enterprise class solution at the moment. Their goal is to allow users to grow and upgrade as they go along. 

Another one of Supermicro’s goals is to provide a system that the user can support themselves without needing to pay for a technician. They are striving to create efficient, elegant, and compact designs without sacrificing power. Supermicro’s motherboard design team focuses on two things: performance and stability. Their motherboards are built within the industry’s strictest guidelines in order to ensure the best performance, functionality, stability, quality control, and serviceability to their clients. 

Along with their 5g ran technology is the X11 architecture that will be launched this year as well.

Supermicro motherboard electronic design team’s main focus is to bring the user the full performance that their system can deliver without sacrificing security, reliability and durability. They are bringing out the latest architecture that is being used today with a custom socket and motherboard such as the X11-F. Their focus is to keep building motherboards with more and more power, as it keeps increasing in overall speed of their systems. 

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