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Swapping BNB for BTC Anonymously: Easy Guide

The primary goal of any ambitious investor in this bear market is to accumulate as many coins as possible. This is actually the reason why traders are actively swapping BNB to BTC. However, these days, the anonymity of transactions has become of greater importance. Therefore, it would be best to find out what platforms offer full anonymity and security to their clients before investing.

Here, we’ll talk about the role of KYC in this industry and will eventually reveal the true king of anonymity!

What Are Anonymous Exchanges and How Do They Work?

Regulatory authorities are interested in the trading activities of clients in terms of paying taxes. In this regard, cryptocurrency trading platforms are gradually tightening the rules for using their services and introducing various restrictions for users. 

In turn, anonymous crypto exchanges are becoming more popular. They let their customers trade (buy and sell) tokens and futures and use other products/tools without passing the KYC verification.

If you want to transact anonymously in the crypto industry, a crypto exchange without verification is the best option. To conduct transactions, you do not need to provide and confirm passport data for verification, which makes it possible to proceed with the process immediately after visiting the site or connecting the wallet.

Why Would You Want Anonymity When Swapping BNB for BTC?

Privacy has become a luxury for a bigger share of participants on the Internet. Each site (and not only crypto exchanges) seeks to collect as much information as possible about its users or just site visitors.

Most Internet users can not even imagine what happens to personal data next. Therefore, since we can’t even browse Facebook feed without sharing personal data, many seek more anonymity in trading.

This is crucial for those who convert large sums or, for example, project founders who don’t want their transactions to be tracked. Also, retail investors can also benefit from this feature since the tax office of their country will know nothing about their activity.

Godex — King of Anonymity

Undoubtedly, Godex is one of the best among the existing options. 

The platform offers its users the most favorable conditions for working with cryptocurrency. This translates into the following benefits:

  • Godex doesn’t set limits to trading operations. You can swap as many tokens as you need.
  • The rate is fixed. You don’t have to track the price fluctuations as you know exactly what rate is offered by the exchange. This is especially useful for novice traders not familiar with high volatility.
  • Godex is always searching for the quickest way of conducting a transaction. Currently, the time spent on one deal doesn’t exceed 30 minutes. However, the team is constantly working on new unique algorithms to cut the needed time.
  • The portal offers over 300 tokens, and the list is regularly updated. So, if you have found a promising coin that hasn’t been listed on major CEXs yet, you have a great chance to gain more profit.

And, of course, the website utilizes the strongest security protocols, so you could stay not only private but also safe.

Anonymous Transaction at Godex Explained

To make a BNB/BTC transaction at Godex, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. On the main page, select BNB (on the left) and BTC (on the right). Specify the number of tokens you wish to swap. The system will automatically calculate the rate. If everything suits you, click the “Exchange” button.
  2. A flashing field will be displayed. There you have to enter your BTC address. Then again you need to click on “Exchange.”
  3. After that, Godex looks for profitable rates and ways to perform the transaction for you. The operation is performed, and tokens go to your wallet.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact customer support.


In the times when CEXs occupy the lion’s share of the crypto market, decentralized solutions are called to revolutionize this industry. One such website is Godex. It is a real rescue for those valuing privacy, speed of transactions, and diversity of available trading pairs. 

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