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Tea Shops Los Angeles – 5 Blends They Offer for Gut Health

Gut health is an important part of everyday vitality, so it’s understandable why so many products are geared towards helping you support it. This certainly applies in the world of tea, as there are many blends found at tea shops Los Angeles wide that give your digestive system gentle help it needs to stay healthy and functioning well. 

With this firmly in our minds, we now look at 5 of the most potent tea blends that provide this digestive assistance. So, let’s get started shall we?

Tea Shops Los Angeles Blend #1 – Licorice Root Tea 

Our first blend is licorice root tea, that most famous for providing relief for people with chesty coughs. However, licorice root is something that’s been used for hundreds of years across Asia for treating a wide range of digestive problems. The reason why it’s so helpful is because it stimulates the production of something called mucin, allowing it to combat ulcer-causing H pylori bacteria. 

Blend  #2 – Oolong Tea 

As part of the Camellia sinensis group of teas, oolong is semi-oxidised, meaning it offers great antiseptic properties for combating the kind of bacteria that often leads to an upset stomach. It’s also a blend that possesses a basic pH, which allows it to help alleviate issues relating to acid reflux – another unpleasant digestive tract issue. 

Blend #3 – Chamomile Tea 

Another of our tea shops Los Angeles options that’s great for digestive support is chamomile tea – which is most associated with getting you ready for bed at night! It offers a natural sedative effect that relaxes all of your sense and improving the quality of your sleep. However, it’s in our list because it also combats the production of something called pepsin. 

Pepsin is an enzyme that lives in the gut, and too much of it causes heartburn and reflux – something that leaves a rather nasty feeling in the oesophagus. Chamomile’s ability to also reduce inflammation permits it to also sooth irritated bowels, meaning that diarrhea symptoms can be treated.

Blend #4 – Chai Tea 

Coming from the world of Ayurveda, chai tea is another tea blend that’s been used for literally thousands of years to treat stomach issues. Containing a bunch of stomach-supporting elements, such as cloves, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. Also, the black pepper that you’ll find in most chai tea blends helps to minimise nausea and stop diarrhea. 

Blend #5 – Dandelion Root Tea 

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory characteristics of dandelion roots, the tea you make with it is great for minimising stomach cramps while also being able to bring down your blood pressure. Studies have also shown that this tea increases the levels of stomach juices like bile, allowing it to break down complex carbs much more efficiently.

An Array of Gut-Friendly Options at Tea Shops Los Angeles

The amount of health benefits alone should give you cause to consider drinking any of these great teas. The fact that they also taste amazing is a huge benefit – particularly as they offer a healthy alternative to the sugary drinks that lead to energy slumps. 

What’s more, these five choices represent just a tiny fraction of the total number available, so there really is a lot out there to explore. So, why not head down to your nearest tea vendor and see what they have in store. You might just be surprised by what you find. 

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