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The 4 logos defined by their uniqueness


This chain of fast-food restaurants was born in California in the 40s at the hands of Dick and Mc McDonald, however its large-scale success began 15 years later when businessman Ray Kroc bought the franchise.

Its logo and fonts in use, like many of the ones we have seen in this article, is characterized by being simple and direct, the “golden M” is so effective that it is directly associated with the company even without the need to be accompanied by the name.

Apparently, this franchise used in its infrastructure two arches one next to the other, this with the passage of time became a symbol of McDonald’s, for this reason it was decided that it would stop being part of the facade of the premises and become the image of the company.


This company emerged in 1996 as a university project by students Larry Page and Sergei Brin at Stanford University. In 1998 it was officially founded under the name of Google Inc. and from there it began its frantic expansion and growth. It is world famous for its powerful internet search engine.

There have been many versions of this company’s logo, but they have all followed the same line: a simple design that shows that they are accessible and friendly, and the different colours in reference to the variety of products with which they work. The latest version launched in 2015 emphasizes simplicity, youth and dynamics, concepts in tune with the company’s philosophy.


The eternal rival of Coca Cola appeared for the first time in 1893 and was invented by the pharmacist Caleb Bradham, who in 1903 founded this well-known company. Pepsi’s beginnings were difficult, the company went bankrupt and changed owners twice, however it managed to overcome itself to become the second most famous soft drink in the world.

The idea for the red, white and blue colours in the logo originated in 1940 as a symbol of patriotic support for his native United States, which was participating in World War II. This initiative was well received by consumers, since then only a few modifications have been made but maintaining that base.

Currently, the symbol of the circle that refers to the shape of a bottle cap and the colours that form slingshots that give it a sensation of movement are given prominence. Regarding the lowercase font, we can say that it is aesthetic but leaves the foreground for the symbol.


It is the youngest on this list, but by no means the least important. This social network was created by Mark Zuckerberg during his student days at Harvard University, with the purpose of implementing a space where students could exchange ideas through a entertaining platform on the internet. Little by little, the invention became popular and expanded until it became the most popular social network in the world.

The brand is clean, simple and easy to remember, there are no extra elements that saturate its visual harmony, a blue background with a friendly typography to directly express the company’s values.

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