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The Advantages of Purchasing Double Cow Milking Machines

Cow milk is the cheapest milk as compared to milk produced by other animals like goats and camels. Cows usually produce milk after giving birth to a calf, which usually lasts until the calf reaches a certain age, and during this period, we do much of the milking.

Recent technological advancement has revolutionized the milking process, and farmers are no longer dependent on traditional milking methods due to the introduction of milking machines. Double cow milking machines have the capability of milking two cows at a time, which makes them more efficient since they save a lot of time because the process is quick and easy.

The double cow milking machines are efficient for people with small, medium, and large livestock numbers on their farms. It also has a stainless steel bucket storing the milk during the milking process. This prevents the bucket from forming rust, making it more ideal than other buckets. Below are some of the advantages of using a double cow milking machine;

  • Hygienic milking

When milking a cow through the hand milking technique, sometimes bits of hair, manure, or even hay can land on the milk. If the manure falls into the milk, it contaminates it, making it unsafe for human consumption. It is then fed to the pigs and chickens, leading to a huge loss since a lot of money could have been made on that milk.

This situation cannot occur with a milking machine since its bucket is completely sealed, thus protecting the milk from contamination and keeping it clean and fresh.

  • Quicker cooling of the milk

The longer the milk stays in the bucket, the greater the possibility of tasting like the cow or the barn. When you milk using the hand milking technique, it will take longer to cool to room temperature and begin to taste off. This is unlikely when using a double cow milking machine, which can quickly cool the milk to room temperature in the bucket, preserving the taste.

Reduced workforce

When considering the labor factor, a double cow milking machine will reduce the farm’s dependency on workers. When workers miss work, fall ill, or become unavailable, it can greatly impact milk production. This means that the cows will not be milked in time, affecting sales since no milk will be available to be transported to the dairy or sold to the local customers.

With the double cow milking machine, finding someone to operate it and ensuring that activities run smoothly on your farm is easy.

  • Time efficiency

It will only take about 5 minutes to milk one cow using the machine, making it ideal for milking.


Finally, proper policies for switching to a milking machine system should be implemented since it is a good investment in a dairy farm and will provide many benefits in terms of quality and performance. Consult the experts on this type of machinery to ensure you get the best quality for maximum effectiveness.

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