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The Benefits of a Sliding Door Bug Screen

Sliding door bug screens are a great option to block insects from entering your home. These screens can be mounted on the outside of the door, across the top or between the jambs. They take up less headroom than other screen options and can be mounted flush to the wall. A popular exterior mounting option is the “face of the wall” mount. Here’s a look at the benefits of sliding door bug screens. Whether you’re considering installing one or replacing an existing bug screen, a sliding door bug screen can save you lunarstorm money and hassle. If you would like to investigate garage storage solutions, Pinnacle Hardware is a good place to start.

The best sliding door bug screens are made from sturdy, tear-resistant polyester mesh. They have built-in magnets to secure them in place. They livemocha are also pet-friendly, so they won’t harm your dog. These screens are easy to install and fit into the average-width French doorframe. Some also have Velcro tabs on the sides for extra security and privacy. However, you need to make sure that the screen mesh is of the correct size to cover the entire door. Please check out Rolltrak for any sliding door options.

To install the screen, first measure the door opening. Then, measure the width of the opening and fit the screen to it. Most screens are 7/16 inches thick. Once the screen is installed, add the bug strip. It is an essential step in sealing the gap between the patio door and the screen door. While the width of the bug strip will vary from door to door, you meetro should be able to find the right size to fit the gap.

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