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The Best Strategies for Roulette

Anyone who is aware of casinos and the games will know something about roulette. It is the one with the famous spinning wheel, the red and black colors and the numbers. Roulette is a casino game that a lot of players favor because it is pretty simple but still allows for some strategizing.

That popularity means that 777 and other online casinos, are now the main places where people play casino games, and they all feature roulette. No casino is complete without it, but players should learn the basics before betting.

Bets are placed on colors, numbers or both and then the ball is spun in the wheel to see which ones come up trumps. Some players bet at random, but others pick one of several systems to determine their wagers.

In this article, we’ll look at what those strategies are and how they can benefit roulette players.

Progressive Strategies

Martingale Strategy

At the heart of this system is the idea that the player should double the size of their bet every time they lose, before going back to the initial betting sum after a win. That means if a player bets $4 on red and the bet loses, they should then bet $8 the next time. 

The point of the strategy is that the betting sum will be large enough to make back any losses by the time a bet finally pays off. It can really work too, but only if the player sticks to low risk outside bets. 

That means betting black or red, even or odd numbers, 1-18 or 19-36. These bets are lower risk/reward but mean the player is less likely to run out of cash before a win arrives.

There is also a reverse Martingale strategy where the bets are raised following wins instead of losses. The aim of it is to maximize lucky spells and it is risky but can potentially bring serious cash wins for those who hold their nerve.

Fibonacci Strategy

This is another common system and one benefit of it is that the risks are lower. It involves adding up the two numbers that the player previously bet on to determine the number of the next bet. 

Players using it generally stick with the first 10 roulette wheel numbers.

James Bond Strategy

This is the method of betting that the agent created by Ian Fleming favored when playing roulette. It sees the gambler place several bets in a single game, e.g. a bet on the first 12 numbers, the second 12, plus a bet on one number or color. 

They are usually both high and low wagers and it is a strategy that provides a good chance of a win, because of the multiple bets.

D’Alembert Strategy

The last of the progressive roulette betting systems is the D’Alembert one. It involves raising the bet by one each time it loses, while lowering it by one each time it wins.

The main benefit of opting for this strategy is that it does not deplete the bankroll when a player is on a losing run. On the other hand, because the bet raises are small, the amounts won using this strategy are usually smaller too.

Non-Progressive Strategies

Constant Bet Strategy

The most well-known non-progressive method for roulette betting is the constant bet one. It is very straightforward, as it is simply a matter of maintaining the exact same betting sum every time whether the bet wins or loses.

It can be a good way for new players to get into playing roulette, because it is so low in risk and easy to keep track of. Sooner or later, more experienced players will probably want to move on from it though.

All-In Strategy

This simply means putting the entire bankroll on a single bet. It is the highest risk strategy of them all but can potentially bring massive rewards for the gambler.

A downside of it is that some casinos set roulette betting limits that a player cannot exceed on one wager.

Each of these systems has its plus and minus points. The Martingale system is quite high risk but also has the potential to produce really big wins. 

Players with plenty of money may prefer it for that reason, but those with limited budgets will find the Fibonacci or D’Alembert systems enable them to keep playing for longer and ride out losing streaks.

Outside of these popular strategies, a good way for someone to improve their roulette winning odds is to play the European variant. The wheel has just a single 0 number on it, while American ones have a 00 number as well, tipping the odds in favor of the casino.

Try one of these strategies to have fun and win money when playing online roulette.

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