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The Best Websites for Browser Based Gaming

Having all of your games ready to play from your PC or console is a great luxury, but sometimes when we’re on the move, or staying away from home, we don’t have access to them. This is exactly when browser-based games really come into their own. All you need in order to play is an internet-enabled device and a web address. So, with that in mind, we’ve collated a mixture of some of our favorite browser-based games and also some of the sites that will let you play hundreds in one place.

A Dark Room

When it comes to a thoroughly paired-back gaming experience, then there’s nobody doing it better than A Dark Room. This game takes place on a plain white screen and is a text-based adventure. You begin in a dark room and need to keep the fire stoked. As the game progresses, you can go out and collect firewood, or set traps to catch animals. Eventually, you can begin building a settlement and welcoming other villagers into it. You’ll need to fight off monsters and keep your reserves high if you want to explore the rest of the world. Although a click-and-wait game, it’s endlessly playable and the haunting soundtrack gives it just the right amount of atmosphere.

Luckyland Slots

There are a bunch of casino providers out there, but not all of them offer their games for free. Luckyland Slots is a good choice as they offer the option to play free slots as well as those that are paid for. This means that you can play a slot game first to see if you like it, with all the features that are available in the paid-for version. They hold a good selection of games and have plenty of deposit options for all players, making them easy to access for everyone.


Another website that’s well-known for providing a huge selection of games is Miniclip. This site launched all the way back in 2001 and kept hoards of young gamers entertained for hours with its simple, colorful, and endlessly playable mini-game collection. Now, more than two decades later, it’s worth in excess of $300 million and rakes in thousands of pounds of revenue each year from even the least successful of its games. 8-ball pool alone has made them almost $975 million, no small feat for a company that was set up with just $40,000. If you want to enjoy any of its games then you don’t need an account, you can just visit their site and click on any of the titles that take your fancy.


Another classic that deserves its very own mention on the list is Linerider, it’s a simple game, though not quite as pared back as A Dark Room. There’s no particular aim to the game, though some people share their longest or most impressive lines with their friends, Reddit forums and YouTube. You simply draw a line for your line rider to slide down. The steeper the line, the faster he goes. If he gets up enough speed then you’ll be able to make him take jumps and perform loop the loops. In terms of fun physics experiments, this is a great one that we’d highly recommend.

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