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While there are many uses for nfts in cannabis, there are also some risks. The first is a possible pump-and-dump scenario, which occurs when a group of investors buys a coin and then sells it for a much lower value than what they originally purchased it for. Perhaps the most well-known pump-and-dump scenario is EthereumMax, which was marketed by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather. It has lost 97% of its value since June, prompting a class action lawsuit. Cannabis companies need to take a cautious approach to ICOs, as they may be liable for infringing intellectual property.

Crypto Cannabis Club Cannabis

While NFTs are mostly used to sell artwork and games, they can play a bigger role in the cannabis industry in the future. For instance, cannabis breeders could release NFTs alongside small amounts of seeds like hybrid cannabis seeds and sell them in a secondary market. Likewise, cannabis seed banks could release NFTs that could be used to create new and exotic strains. Whether NFTs are a good fit for cannabis and bizdev is still an open question.

One of the first companies to use NFTs in cannabis is Green Peakz. The company is based in Oakland, CA, and last year it sold its first bag of digital cannabis via an NFT. The company is also launching a digital collection called Digi Strains. It features colorful nugs of cannabis in different display styles and color palettes. The cannabis strains in the Digi Strains collection will be sold through the OpenSea marketplace.


Despite the growing popularity of NFTs, most tokenized distribution of cannabis products has been focused on traditional markets. However, TrufflezNFT is a vertically integrated premium cannabis company with a community focus on education in the cannabis industry. The company recently announced that it will launch the world’s first NFT membership cannabis lounge, which will open in Williamsburg in November 2022.

The company has announced that the Mutant Ape Yacht Club #30000, or “Mega Robot”, will be the face of its newest brand entering the cannabis industry. Through this new NFT, the company has expanded its cannabis licensing portfolio. It also plans to open a Trufflez lounge in Williamsburg in November 2022. This will be a limited-access lounge for TrufflezNFT members, so membership is essential to ensure that you have a great experience in this new venture.


Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular among the marijuana industry, which, in the past, has only benefited from its use for digital currency. Today, however, the industry is seeing the value of non-fungible tokens for many other purposes, including brand awareness and recognition. For instance, marketing departments in the cannabis industry understand the importance of building communities to increase brand recognition and to increase sales of cannabis products. Blockchain technology also allows these companies to prove the authenticity of their products, which is important, as marijuana is a consumable product.

The industry has embraced NFTs, a cryptocurrency that has a rapidly growing market. The industry has even started to embrace this type of digital currency, though fraud is still a big problem. While the industry has started to adopt this technology, many people are still wary of scammers, and there are already reports of people being cheated out of their digital wallet credentials. Nevertheless, if the cannabis industry wants to take the next step toward a more sustainable future, NFTs can be used as a way to create interest in brands, validate the certificates, and ensure the products are safe and healthy.

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As the world transitions to a more decentralized online environment, the cannabis industry is no exception. Major players in the industry are becoming aware of the value of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and are implementing them to build a community around their products. For instance, they have created blockchain-based verifications and issued COAs to prove the authenticity of cannabis products.

While many people are concerned about the intellectual property rights of a cannabis company, there are ways to protect them. One way is to have COAs for every product or piece of art produced. This is a way to prove the legitimacy of the product and its content, and it can be used for further promotion. COAs can also be used for cannabis-related NFTs.


TTFM and the future of NFTs in cannabis are two of the hottest topics in the industry today. Both companies are trying to gain an edge in the rapidly changing cannabis industry by providing new tools and benefits for consumers. According to Happy Munkey COO David Hernandez, the company sees NFTs as a way to promote itself and create new opportunities for growth. Likewise, 40 Tons COO Anthony Alegrete sees NFTs as an avenue for social justice in the cannabis industry.

As more cannabis companies are incorporating NFTs into their businesses, many of them are trying to find ways to increase profits through this new form of digital art. One company, Crypto Cannabis Club, is working to create an online community for cannabis-themed NFT artwork and metaverse property, and even hosts a Discord server to help novices and avid NFT collectors get started in the industry.

TTFM’s NFToker avatars

Crypto Cannabis Club is a community of over 10,000 NFToker avatars. Members spend the day hanging out on the Ethereum blockchain and competing in virtual competitions where they can win physical prizes. Crypto Cannabis Cup is one such competition, and the winners receive real-world cannabis-related prizes as well as NFTs. The club also publishes a weekly podcast and attends trade shows.

TTFM’s Crypto Cannabis Club includes 10,000 NFToker avatars that are created through an algorithm. These avatars are randomized images of cannabis-related items, including eye, mouth, hat, shirt, and skin. Many of these avatars come with hidden attributes, which can be used to amp up their skill levels during the Crypto Cannabis Cup. The Crypto Cannabis Club is an excellent way to connect with other cannabis-related people.

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