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A motorcycle accident is devastating, not to mention its financial impact. If you have been involved in one, you most likely have a ton of medical debt and may need extra counseling and treatment for months or years. You might not be able to work because of your injuries, and even your ordinary tasks like cooking and running errands may require the assistance of friends and family.

You can avoid a financial catastrophe by receiving just compensation. As a result, you must employ someone who will offer the kind of representation that will result in success. Please consider the following factors when choosing a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer.

Knowledge and Credentials

Ensure your attorney has a solid educational background and experience with motorcycle accident claims. They should be conversant with the applicable rules and regulations and have experience interacting with law enforcement and insurance companies.

However, knowledge calls for much more than just legal education. A competent accident attorney will also be familiar with the tricks used by the insurance company to pressure claim adjusters into making better settlement offers. If a lawyer makes minor procedural errors, they cannot effectively represent a client. They should also be familiar with the practices and norms of the court.

Motorcycle accident experience

The circumstances surrounding motorcycle accidents can vary from those involving other types. Therefore your Arizona accident lawyer needs to have experience handling motorcycle incidents. Each case will have its own unique set of facts. a

However, a lawyer with decades of experience can draw from a vast pool of knowledge. The lawyer will be more proficient and successful in negotiations and courtroom proceedings. When a lawyer is aware of past successes and failures, they can concentrate on winning tactics that get results.

Knowledge of insurance company negotiations

In most accident cases, insurance firms will work to secure the lowest settlement possible for their client. You won’t be compensated fairly if the corporation accomplishes this.

Your motorcycle accident attorney ought to have previous expertise working with insurance providers. They should be able to negotiate with the company confidently and not be afraid to go to court if the company doesn’t cooperate.


Building a healthy attorney-client relationship requires open communication between you and your lawyer. You should be able to be open and honest with your attorney. For your attorney to provide you with frank counsel, you must be able to tell them all the details, including the negative ones.

Discuss your legal team’s accessibility to communicate with you about your case at your free initial session. When speaking with the attorney and asking for case updates, be clear about what you expect.

The takeaway

Before choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer in Arizona, research them. People will know of the lawyer if they have a solid reputation. Check for any complaints or grievances against the attorney by getting in touch with the bar association if you can or looking at online reviews.

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