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The Role of Vertical Netting Vs Guardrails

Safety netting is a tool that can help protect those standing on the ground from falling objects. It can also help to prevent injuries from accidents. These safety nets can catch objects as heavy as 300 pounds.

Guardrails can be an alternative or an addition to safety netting

Guardrails are used to protect workers from falling objects and are a viable alternative to safety netting. However, it’s important to consider the requirements of both systems and make an informed decision on which is the best choice.

For example, fixed guardrails are an option for areas where staff need to work for a long time. They also allow workers to move to and from other tasks safely. This type of system is relatively inexpensive and does not require special tools or installation.

Free-standing guardrails are another option for areas where staff need to move around. These types of systems are lightweight and can be bolted directly to a surface. It can be beneficial to have both a fixed and free-standing system.

Guardrails are required on the unprotected sides of ramps. If there is no available space to install guardrails, a portable stanchions should be placed near the access point. The portable stanchions must be located at least 1.5 m apart.

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