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The Ultimate Columbus Vegan/Vegetarian Thanksgiving Guide 

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, gathering with loved ones, and savoring delicious food. But what if you or your guests follow a vegan or vegetarian diet? Columbus, Ohio, offers many plant-based dining options to make your Thanksgiving celebration compassionate and incredibly flavorful. In this Ultimate Columbus Vegan/Vegetarian Thanksgiving Guide, we’ll explore the city’s vibrant vegan and vegetarian scene, helping you plan a cruelty-free feast everyone can enjoy. From mouthwatering mains to delectable desserts, Columbus has you covered for a compassionate and satisfying Thanksgiving celebration. 

  • Start with a Stellar Vegan Turkey Alternative:

Launch your vegan Thanksgiving feast with a show-stopping main dish that will leave everyone in awe. Fortunately, Columbus offers a variety of options that can rival the traditional turkey. Consider the Gardein Holiday Roast, a savory and protein-packed centerpiece that’s easy to find in local grocery stores. Alternatively, Tofurky offers a delectable plant-based roast that’s both flavorful and festive. For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, try crafting your homemade seitan roast, infusing it with your favorite herbs and spices for a personal touch. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore vegan-friendly restaurants in Columbus for their creative takes on a vegan “turkey” that will impress your guests. 

  • Hearty Sides that Wow:

Columbus is a haven for local produce, making it a breeze to whip up hearty, plant-based sides to delight everyone’s taste buds. Imagine serving up roasted Brussels sprouts, their outer leaves crisped to perfection and their inner tenderness bursting with flavor. Maple-glazed sweet potatoes offer a harmonious blend of earthy sweetness and comforting warmth. A vegan stuffing, lovingly prepared with cubed bread, aromatic celery, fragrant onions, and nourishing vegetable broth, is a must-have at your Thanksgiving table. And don’t forget the sautéed green beans, seasoned to perfection and cooked to maintain their vibrant color and crispness. These side dishes will complement your Thanksgiving spread and steal the spotlight. 

  • Vegan Gravy that Satisfies:

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a sumptuous gravy to drizzle over your plant-based main and sides. Fear not, for creating a vegan sauce is simpler than you think. Craft your own from scratch using rich vegetable broth, wholesome flour, and plant-based butter. Elevate the flavor with aromatic herbs and spices, transforming a simple sauce into a decadent delight that satisfies even the most discerning palates. 

  • Flavorful Stuffing without the Turkey:

Vegan stuffing, far from being a mere side dish, can be just as mouthwatering as its traditional counterpart. Craft a flavorful filling that’s a true standout at your Thanksgiving table. Start with cubed bread, adding a delightful medley of ingredients like aromatic celery, savory onions, and hearty vegetable broth. Elevate it to the next level by incorporating rich, nutty flavors of vegan sausage crumbles or chestnuts. The result? Stuffing is bursting with flavor and texture, making it a memorable addition to your feast. 

  • Wholesome Mashed Potatoes:

Creamy, dreamy mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving essential, and a vegan-friendly version is just as heavenly. Swap out dairy products for dairy-free butter and plant-based milk, creating a luscious and velvety mash that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Season with your favorite herbs and flavorful spices for extra flavor, and watch your guests savor every indulgent bite. 

  • Cranberry Sauce Magic:

No Thanksgiving spread is complete without a dollop of cranberry sauce. Craft your own with simplicity and flair by combining fresh cranberries, zesty orange zest, and a touch of maple syrup. The result is a sweet, tangy concoction that beautifully complements your plant-based feast. This homemade cranberry sauce’s vibrant colors and bold flavors will elevate your Thanksgiving spread to new heights. 

  • Creative Vegan Desserts:

Satisfy your sweet tooth and conclude your Thanksgiving celebration with creative vegan desserts that will leave a lasting impression. Picture a luscious pumpkin pie made with velvety coconut milk that adds a delightful richness to each bite. Alternatively, explore the world of almond-based ice cream, available in various flavors, to complement your dessert spread. But don’t forget to visit your local vegan bakeries, where delectable treats await. From cookies and cakes to pastries and tarts, these dessert havens are treasure troves of vegan delights. 

  • Support Local Vegan Restaurants:

Columbus takes pride in its vibrant vegan and vegetarian restaurant scene, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to explore these culinary havens. Many offer special Thanksgiving menus, allowing you to dine out or order a feast to-go. By supporting these local establishments, you save time and effort and enjoy a stress-free holiday meal prepared with love and expertise. 

  • Share Vegan Recipes and Tips:

Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving by encouraging your guests to partake in your vegan journey. Share vegan recipes and tips for cruelty-free living, fostering understanding and empathy on the best Thanksgiving dinner in Columbus, Ohio, you have ever had. Your thoughtful guidance may inspire others to make positive choices beyond Thanksgiving and into their daily lives. 

  • Embrace Gratitude and Compassion:

As you gather around the table, remember that Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude and compassion. Take a moment to reflect on the abundance of plant-based food in Columbus, Ohio, and express thanks for the opportunity to celebrate a compassionate holiday. By embracing these values, you nourish your body and feed your soul, creating a Thanksgiving celebration that truly reflects the essence of the holiday.  


A vegan or vegetarian Thanksgiving in Columbus can be a flavorful and satisfying celebration of compassion and gratitude. With the city’s thriving plant-based scene, you have access to an array of vegan turkey alternatives, delicious sides, mouthwatering desserts, and the support of local vegan-friendly restaurants. Whether you’re a seasoned plant-based eater or just dipping your toes into cruelty-free cuisine, Columbus offers a warm and inclusive atmosphere to create a Thanksgiving feast that nourishes your body and soul while staying true to your values. This Ultimate Columbus Vegan/Vegetarian Thanksgiving Guide ensures everyone at your table can enjoy a memorable and delicious holiday. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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