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The Versatility of Bendix King Radios in Various Industries

There are millions of career and volunteer firefighters across the country. These brave men and women need reliable communication technology to handle their jobs’ rigors.

RELM’s King radios are designed and engineered to comply with standards such as those set by IEEE, which recommend limiting occupational exposure to RF energy. FOR EXAMPLE, the KNG APCO Project 25 digital radio limits this energy during talk mode only.


When it comes to flying, the quality of your avionics is crucial. You need a reliable two-way radio that you can depend on. Whether you are a professional pilot or an aviation enthusiast, you can trust Bendix King products’ reliability. They are made by a company that has been in business for decades. During that time, they developed many innovations for aircraft systems, including radar and autopilots. They have also made significant improvements to communications and navigation systems.

Bendix King is one of the most recognizable names in aviation. The company started in 1959 when Ed King created the first low-cost, crystal-controlled VHF communications radio called the KY 90. Afterward, the company continued to innovate with new products like the KDF 800 automatic direction finder and the KX 155 com/nav radio. These models are still flying on general aviation aircraft today.

The Bendix brand became even more well-known in the aviation industry after the Allied Corporation purchased both Bendix Aviation and King Radio and combined them into the Bendix King name in 1983. The name change emphasized the company’s new focus on general aviation avionics. Today, the company is a leader in integrated cockpits and connected aircraft technologies. They also continue to make significant innovations in communications and navigation systems, radar, and autopilots.

Bendix King has been working to create a complete suite of avionics for experimental up through Part 23 certified aircraft. The company’s recent acquisition of TruTrak Flight Systems demonstrates its commitment to providing a comprehensive solution. This approach allows Bendix King to provide the best possible products to customers and reduce development costs by leveraging existing technology from complementary companies.

Aviation radios are a vital tool for firefighters and other first responders. They allow them to communicate with their team and stay in touch with incident command. They can also use them to request resources or report incidents to their supervisors. You must choose the right type of power supply to get the most out of your two-way radio. A good power supply should have a capacity of 5% talk and 5% listen. It should also have a microprocessor core. This chip manages all of the radio’s features and functions.


If you work in the marine industry, you will want to use a reliable radio to help you communicate with others. The Bendix King KNG P150 two-way radio is a great choice for this purpose. It is durable and features advanced programmable options. It can also be used in a variety of environments and is weather- and shock-resistant. It can also be programmed to meet your specific communication needs.

Choosing the right radio for your needs requires considering your unique requirements, such as how far you need to communicate and what frequencies you need to operate on. The KNG P150 can be customized to meet your needs, and it offers several built-in modes that you can use to communicate with other people.

The KNG P150 also has a number of security features that will protect your privacy and prevent unwanted access to your communications. This includes the ability to disable incoming calls and a lock feature that will block any changes made to your radio settings. This will ensure that your information stays safe and secure, even in the event of a power failure.

When it comes to aviation, Bendix King is a trusted name. Founded by the merger of two legendary companies, Bendix Aviation, and King Radio, the company continues to innovate in aviation electronics. Their current strengths include integrated cockpits, connected aircraft technologies, and communications and navigation systems.

A Bendix King KI 229 radio magnetic indicator displays your aircraft’s magnetic heading (slaved off the KCS 55A or KCS 305 compass system). This unit is reliable and affordable. It can be combined with other Bendix King instruments to provide a complete flight avionics suite.

The KI 209 VOR/LOC/glideslope radio navigation indicator can be used with a GPS system to give the pilot and copilot the information they need to stay on course. This high-quality device can also be used as a backup indicator for the pilot.


Two-way radios have become vital tools for firefighting and other emergency services personnel. These devices allow service persons to communicate over long distances using electromagnetic energy – measured in the radiofrequency (RF) spectrum – that’s also the same type of energy that produces things like electricity, radar, sunlight, and X-ray.

A Bendix King radio is a reliable device that can help first responders stay in communication with each other and their dispatch centers. There are different types of Bendix King radios for the various needs of fire departments, including handhelds, mobiles, and base stations. Each type of radio operates in a similar manner and uses push-to-talk technology to transmit information and commands.

Handheld Bendix King radios are portable and easily fit in the hands of firefighters or other rescue workers. These radios typically come with a holster and microphone and can be used in the field. Rechargeable batteries or standard AA alkaline clamshells usually power them. They are available in a range of frequencies and gain and sensitivity specifications to suit the needs of specific environments or situations.

Despite their portability, hand-held radios can be difficult to use inside some fire shelters. In order to solve this issue, a study was conducted by the Missoula Technology and Development Center using VHF Bendix King GPH5102X radios (set for 2 W of output) and UHF Motorola Astro XTS 3000 radios. The study showed that the radio signals transmitted from a person in one fire shelter were about 20 dB weaker than those from another shelter, even when both firefighters were within 50 feet of each other.

The handheld Bendix King radios that firefighting professionals commonly use need to be rugged, durable, and easy to operate in a field environment. These radios are also capable of transmitting a large amount of data over a short period of time, making them ideal for firefighting situations.

Keeping a handheld radio operating properly requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs. It’s important to only use certified King technicians or professional government radio technicians to perform this work. In addition, it’s a good idea to periodically train all users on proper radio use and protocol.

Land Transportation

Bendix King designs, sells, and supports a full suite of avionics for general aviation aircraft, including integrated flight decks, navigators, audio panels, radios, and transponders, as well as radar-based storm sensors, autopilots, and in-flight and on-ground connectivity. The company’s products can be found on single-engine and twin-engine piston and turboprop airplanes, business jets, and helicopters manufactured by Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Cirrus, Diamond, Hawker, Lear, and Beechcraft. Boeing Distribution is Bendix King’s exclusive distributor for the general aviation market in North America.

In its earliest days, the Bendix Corporation produced automotive brake shoes and systems, vacuum tubes and aeronautical hydraulics, and electric power systems, among many other products. The name “Bendix” was also famously associated with the home clothes washing machine, and although it no longer produces this household product, the brand is still known by the name today.

The King brand of two-way radios is a favorite with public safety agencies across the country, especially those dealing with wildland fires. Whether they are firefighters, police officers, or Incident Command staff, these personnel depend on the versatility and range of the Bendix King radios to keep them safe in dangerous situations. Regardless of their duties, they all require the same thing; to communicate effectively with their coworkers.

A Bendix King radio is an excellent choice for any public service agency because it can handle all of the different communication needs at a manageable price point for most budgets. The US Forest Service is one of the most demanding agencies when it comes to radios for its rangers and wildland firefighters. They are constantly in and out of the field and need a reliable radio that is simple to use and can get them where they need to be at the right time.

In 1983, the Bendix Aviation and King Radio companies joined forces to become the avionics innovator known as Bendix King. The merger was the result of a strong focus on aviation radar and communications/nav radios, both strong suits for legacy brands. Bendix King has continued to build on this foundation with innovations in connected aircraft technologies, cockpit automation, and more.

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