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Tips To Style Larimar Jewelry Collection: For Beauty That Transcends Time   

Larimar, a rare gemstone found only in the Dominican Republic, is popular for its astounding resemblance to the beautiful Caribbean waters. Usually famous for its captivating blue-hued swirls, the gemstone is a highly-valued possession worldwide, mostly for its healing and spiritual properties. But, due to Larimar’s aesthetic appeal, it has become a favorite among fashion enthusiasts.

Be it an elegant Larimar necklace, a beautiful Larimar ring, or an intricately carved pair of Larimar earrings, the Larimar jewelry seems to fit exactly as wanted with any outfit, vibe, and style. Be it a formal occasion or a casual outing, you can wear the Larimar gemstone and make a bold fashion statement. So, if you want to style the Larimar gemstone in your everyday fashion ensemble, there are many graceful ways to achieve it.

Making a Fashion Statement: Tips to Style Larimar Jewelry

If you want to elevate your fashion mantra with Larimar, here are a few tips to style the gemstone the right way:

●     Clasp the Formal Look

If you are up for an important meeting or a client presentation, come across as poised and calm with Larimar jewelry. Select statement Larimar pieces that will give you the much-needed sophisticated look. For a polished ensemble, you can pair an intricate and elegant Larimar pendant with enchanting blue Larimar studs over a classic pantsuit. Larimar reflects a graceful and tranquil look, so the gemstone would be perfect for formal meetings. Larimar has enthralling blue hues, so keep your formal outfits mostly associated with brilliant pastel shades of blue or pastel greens.

●     Keep it Casual

When out for a casual outing, embrace the serenity of Larimar jewelry by keeping it easy and cool. You can pair elegant Larimar earrings with a beautiful Larimar-studded ring and complete the look with a casual dress or a pair of jeans and a top. Enhance your style statement by wearing statement pieces that are graceful in proportions but extensive in making a bold statement. For an easy-going-casual look, you can match your Larimar gemstone jewelry with leather or woven textures to give an earthy feel.

●     Reflect the Bohemian Vibe

As the Larimar owns a natural allure, achieving the Bohemian vibe would be easy with the gemstone. You can wear Larimar ornate studs paired with a beautiful Larimar sterling silver design ring. Complete the look with crochet tops, bohemian flowy or maxi dresses, and intricate hats. You can also experiment with the Larimar gemstone and mix it up with other stones, most preferably the appealing green of emeralds. The blue and green combination would set the right tone for a bohemian vibe.

●     Stack it Up

As Larimar exudes calmness, you can stack it up with other bold jewelry accessories and achieve a perfect balance to your look. Try the layering technique, where you can pair the Larimar gemstone necklace and rings with a captivating silver bracelet. You can also opt for layering by wearing statement Larimar pendants with Larimar silver chain necklaces. You can also add the Larimar gemstone as a dazzling miniature bracelet charm. Make heads turn by pairing the stacked-up look with a solid-colored outfit and let the jewelry do the talking.

●     Maintain Proportions

Today, less is the new more. Thus, maintaining the right proportions in your style statement is necessary when wearing Larimar jewelry. As the gemstone is popular for reflecting a refined look, pair it up with something minimalistic as statement Larimar pieces are enough to do the talking in a room. Carry a well-balanced look by avoiding wearing Larimar statement pieces all at once. For instance, consider wearing either a Larimar pendant or a Larimar ring, one at a time. Consider the tone and mood of the occasion; accordingly, style your Larimar accessories and jewelry.

Storing Your Jewelry Right: Tips to Store Your Larimar Collection

Maintaining the luster of your Larimar Jewelry is easy if you follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Store your Larimar statement pieces and accessories separately in soft, lint-free jewelry pouches or boxes. It will protect the jewelry from any scratches or damage and maintain its shine for times to come.
  • As the Larimar gemstone is susceptible to moisture and extreme humidity, there is a possibility that your jewelry may develop cracks if not stored appropriately. Thus, using silica gel in your storage containers, store the jewelry in a cool, dry place, away from moisture or humidity.
  • Avoid cleaning your Larimar jewelry with harsh chemicals and keep it away from exposure to direct sunlight. It helps maintain the shine of the jewelry for a longer time. Clean the jewelry with a damp cloth to remove dust or sweat residues.


The Larimar gemstone jewelry has been in great demand recently due to its ability to adapt to any occasion’s tone. If you wear the Larimar gemstone right, you can definitely raise eyebrows as you walk into a room. As the Larimar stone is also considered great for health due to its healing properties of the throat chakra, you may consider wearing it more as a necklace. Thus, elevate your fashion game with Larimar accessories, including rings, pendants, and more, and make a strikingly confident appearance.

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