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Top 10 Casual Games for First-Time Gamers

Today, gaming is one of the world’s most popular forms of entertainment. Still, there’s a steep cutoff for digital natives who grew up gaming and those older generations who spent their time playing board games with friends—not multiplayer online battle royales.

If you’re new to gaming, don’t worry about buying an Xbox or PlayStation. There’s also no need to tinker with pricey and complex computers like many PC gamers prefer to do. Today, if you want to get started with a casual game, simply use your mobile device or a web browser. You can start with one of the titles below, which cover different genres and interests.


Fast-Paced Excitement

Slots are the world’s most popular casino game thanks to their exciting format. Today, most platforms offer mobile apps, which means you can peruse slots from a browser or smartphone. If you’re new to slots, be sure to learn more about details surrounding RTP meaning, as this relates to potential payouts. Also keep a lookout for themes, as slots cater to tons of diverse interests.

Stardew Valley

Farming Simulation

As one of the world’s most famous casual mobile games, you may have heard of Stardew Valley. This game lets players craft the perfect, dreamy farm after taking over a rundown plot. Along the way, they can tinker with decorations and take on side quests like exploring caves.

Two Dots

Complex Puzzle

This puzzle game builds on the popularity of the original Dots. In the second installation, Two Dots requires players to unlock each level, which progressively gets more difficult with new rules and objectives. If you like strategy and forecasting moves, then Two Dots is perfect for you.


Classic Card Game

Similar to slots, this classic game has plenty to offer in a new digital format. Its simple rules make it easy for anyone to play, which means that developers today go above and beyond to create unique apps which switch up features like the background and visuals, as well as game objectives.

Fruit Ninja

Lightning Quick Action

For those who need to pass the time and don’t want to tinker with puzzles, fast-moving games like Fruit Ninja are perfect. The game’s rules are simple: slice through the fruit as it falls through the air. As the levels progress, the fruit falls faster, and players will have to prioritize which fruit to slice—while also dodging distractions.

Monument Valley

Visually Rich Adventure

If you’re looking to head off the beaten path with a visually stunning and story-based game, then Monument Valley was made for you. The game requires players to navigate complex mazes full of optical illusions. In fact, they can only succeed in the game if they begin to anticipate these illusions and, eventually, begin manipulating them.


City-Building Simulation

Simulations, as highlighted by Stardew Valley and Townscaper, are great for people who like to build large-scale projects. In Townscaper, players can develop their own cities along a beautiful coastline. From there, they can select different decorations based on the game’s straightforward rules.

Crossy Roads

Modern Take on Frogger

Anyone who enjoyed the game Frogger will feel at home playing Crossy Roads. Rather than guiding a frog across the street, players have to help a fluffy white chicken find its way to safety. However, things quickly become more involved than the original project, as Crossy Road allows for dozens more complex obstacles.


Chess for Non-Thinkers

This classic game now has a brand new objective in Chessplode… but players won’t immediately figure out how to win. The game offers a huge advantage to whoever can capture the first piece from their opponent. After that, things (literally) get shaken up fast.

Mini Metro

Puzzle for Big Thinkers

Some people prefer puzzle games with plenty of visual dynamism. In Mini Metro, players have to create a seamless transit system (by rail) that connects a quick-growing city. Shifting factors make for an endless reel of new problems to address, while the game’s visual style draws on world-famous cities like New York City and Paris.

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