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Top 5 Ways to Expand Visibility and Boost Conversions

If you’re a merchant selling on Amazon, then you know that the platform is the most popular e-commerce site in the world. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of traffic that comes through this platform makes it difficult to build your brand. Thereby, it isn’t easy to get noticed by potential customers.

Since most people are unfamiliar with your brand or product. They may need help finding what they need on Amazon.  There are many Amazon listing optimization services available. They all offer different features. But the basic idea is to help you improve your listing. So that your brand may be more visible and attractive to potential customers.  To achieve this, it’s essential to understand how your product is performing across the top search terms. Monitoring your product’s growth in relevance and visibility on Amazon can be a critical strategy. One valuable tool for this purpose is the SmartScout Rank Tracker. This tool provides insightful data on how your product is faring in relation to the most popular search terms.

How to optimise an Amazon product listing

Amazon listing optimization services will help you to make your products more visible.

  • Product Description
  • Keywords
  • Title of your product listing (including any variations of this like “a blue shirt” or “a red shirt”.)
  • Product images (high-resolution, full-width images with unique URLs) that are optimized for Amazon search results. They are no more than 100 pixels square in size (800 x 600 pixels is ideal.)
  • A price that is equal to the lowest price in your category (to avoid seeming like a bargain bin item). And the price is as close to $10 as possible (this will help you rank better for high-value keywords like “t-shirt”). An overview of your product that explains why it’s different from similar products. (not all items need this, but if yours does, it should be no more than 300 words long).

Invest Time in Optimizing your Listings

Amazon listing optimization services are one of the most important things you can do to increase the visibility of your products and services. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most time-consuming tasks on your list. So if you need more time or resources to optimize your listings, there are ways around this problem.

If you do have the energy and time to optimize your listings, then here are some tips:

  • Use keywords relevant to what you sell (and no more than one keyword per listing). This helps search engines understand what kind of business you run. It gives them an idea of what topic areas interest potential customers.
  • Include photos that show off how products. Whatever it is that makes those products or services distinctive from others out. You’ll want at least two images per item so customers can emotionally connect with each purchase. Besides, three or four would be even better! The more detailed these portrayals are–including close-ups. The better off everyone will be when they make purchases!

Implement a Solid Keyword strategy

It would be best if you first did keyword research regarding marketing. First, you must know the competition for each keyword. How many people are searching for those terms each month? This will help you determine if there is enough demand in your niche.  It will leading you to step two: optimization.

Keyword volume: A good way to know how many people search for a certain keyword. You can through Google’s Keyword Planner tool. It will shows results based on searches over time (i.e., “How many times did people search ‘basketball’ last year?”). You can also use tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. They provide insight into longer-term trends in the industry. Second, specific keywords within those niches by analyzing their traffic sources. Third, other metrics related to the ranking position (SEO).

Competition: Another factor worth considering when determining whether or not something should be included in your target keywords is competition. How many other websites have already been optimized around this topic? This doesn’t necessarily mean that all competing products or services must have higher conversion rates than yours.

Optimize your Titles and Descriptions

You must be aware of what your customers want. You also need to know how they will find you online. Optimizing your titles and descriptions is essential.

For customers to find your content, they’ll need the right keywords in their search query. Unfortunately, finding those keywords can be difficult. If keywords aren’t listed in the title or description of a page meant for them specifically.

This is a great way to increase visibility. Especially if you’re selling something that is rare and has few reviews. You can use sponsored products on all of your listings, whether they’re in the “Featured” section or not. However, I suggest you use headline-sponsored products (which appear at the top of search results). In that case, they must be relevant enough that customers want them when looking at other related searches to recognize your personality and brand. Suppose you’re a small business owner with a personal style (and why wouldn’t you be?). Don’t feel you need everyone in the same outfit for every photo or that an actual professional photographer must take every product shot. You can see our title and description keywords are particular.

Optimize your Product Photos

Product photos are the first thing shoppers see when they visit your product page. So they must be high quality and relevant. This is where we come in!


High-quality photos: Your customers aren’t looking at an Instagram feed when shopping online. They’re there to make a purchase decision. So don’t skimp on the quality of your photos. Your goal should be to create compelling visuals. It will help them decide whether or not you’re the right fit for their needs.

Professional vs. personal style: It’s essential to have a consistent brand look across all of your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) so you can quickly tell who owns what account based on their profile pictures and cover photos; however, this doesn’t mean every single image has to be professional for people outside of your company’s reach (i.e., family members/friends.)

Use Amazon’s Sponsored Products Program

Amazon’s Sponsored Products program allows sellers to promote products in search results. This is a great way to raise awareness, especially if you’re selling something that is rare and has few reviews.

You can use sponsored products on all of your listings, whether they’re in the “Featured” section or not. However, if you want to use headline-sponsored products (which appear at the top of search results), they must be relevant enough that customers would want them when looking at other related searches.

Eligible for this program, your products must meet specific requirements: – They must be new and sold by full service Amazon management. This means you can only list old inventory on the site; instead, you must make new products available through FBA. – They must have a minimum of 20 reviews and four stars or higher to be featured.

If you optimize your listings, you will expand your visibility (and hopefully boost conversions). You can take five easy steps if you’re a business owner and want to expand your visibility.

Optimize listings: When someone searches for something on Google, the results page includes a drop-down box that shows all of their related search terms. This is called an “Organic Search Engine Results Page,” Every time a customer clicks on one of these boxes, they’re taken directly to what they were looking for (or close enough). In other words, this type of marketing helps businesses get found by potential customers who may have otherwise been lost in the sea of search results or gone straight to another site entirely because they didn’t know where else to go!


These are just a few ways to improve your Amazon listing optimization services, but there are many more. If you have any queries regarding how to begin your product listing marketing strategy, reach out to our team today! We’d love nothing more than to help.

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