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Top 6 Fish Table Game Cheats & Hacks 2023

If you’re searching for the best fish table game cheats that get you results, you’ve come to the right place. However, nowadays, you’ll find numerous players trying to find ways to cheat at fish table games to boost their winning chances. 

But online casino providers prohibit these acts because it disrupts the intended play of the game. On top of that, most fishing games, like the Blue Dragon fish game, use the most advanced and secure software.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find practical strategies to win. This guide will ensure you effective hacks to boost your winning chances. 

Let’s begin. 

6 Best Fish Game Hacks to Boost Your Winning Chances

1. Choose the Right Game 

Finding a suitable game can be challenging when thousands are out there. Every game has appealing descriptions, yet they all leave you feeling bored. One possible reason is that the rewards the platform offers aren’t appealing, and you don’t have the time to play all the games. 

Choose games from well-known developers like Ocean King, Tiger Phoenix, Monster Revenge, etc. It should also have aesthetically pleasing user interfaces, lively sounds, and incredibly enticing reward mechanisms. 

Getting a decent, smooth, trouble-free fish table game depends on how reputable the online casino developer is. 

2. Take Your Time and Shoot Wisely

If you’ve ever played Golden Dragon, you’ll know that the golden dragon and the mermaid are the most valuable species, worth up to 3000 coins. But they are also the hardest to kill. 

So to avoid wasting ammo on missed opportunities because they swim fast, choosing your targets is essential. 

Although the payouts are smaller to slower fish that take fewer hits to kill, these species may be helpful in the long term. However, finding the proper middle ground is essential for success, so make your decisions carefully. 

3. Prepare for the Big Fish 

Don’t let anything stop you from going for the biggest prize. But there are a few things you should know first. First, you need to make enough money to afford the best weapons. 

Also, watch how several fish species swim. And that’s because you’ll have to accurately know their direction and speed to get as many headshots as possible. 

4. Try Out the Mustache Techniques

This is a common mistake many new players make when shooting big fish. If you’re shooting at a large target and missing, you must know that Heavy ammunition will be lost. In addition, the percentage of fish you catch will be lower if you don’t manage to kill all of them. 

So it’s best to concentrate on relatively easy targets. 

5. Shoot with Marbles

Increasing the number of shots fired in rapid succession at a fish is the strategy here. After firing a few shots at the wall, hoping one of them may bounce back and hit the fish, you fire a few more at it from the right angle. 

There will be a high mortality rate due to the simultaneous firing of two lines of bullets at the fish. Although this method uses a larger quantity of ammunition than alternatives, it has shown to be highly successful in combat. 

6. Focus on the Fish That Left the Table

In the fish table game, the way you set the gun can cause some of the fish to perish as soon as they emerge. Therefore, you need to keep an eye out for them and plan so that you can accurately shoot them whenever they emerge. 

The only thing you’ll have to do from then on is watching the corners load the table and wait for every fish to come out once you’ve figured out the odds of their dying in this manner. One trick is using a little fish whisker to earn the required mission point. 

Final Thoughts 

Concentration is crucial for success in any game, and the fish table is no different. When you focus on the online casino game, you can increase your chances of winning. In addition, playing fish table games is considered calming and stress-free. 

So you have to be relaxed and take in the atmosphere of the playing area, including the visuals and audio. This can help you bring high efficiency, earn bonuses, and reduce many issues. 

Several things will be designed to make your life difficult and make it so that they can’t possibly win the game. All participants share these difficulties. 

One must learn to disregard anything that’s not directly related to fishing. Given time, the jackpot will always go to the least paying attention player. 

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