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Top Safest Countries For Opening An Offshore Bank Account

Many people want to keep their money safe, and they search for countries where they can protect their wealth legally. In this brief article, we’ll explore these nations where you can safeguard your wealth from high taxes, economic troubles, financial crises, family disputes, creditors, and other potential threats that can affect your large capital.

We have seasoned experts who are ready to address any issue that may arise on the way to keeping your capital intact. Book a free initial session to discuss all the problems you may have and get qualified assistance and advice. Our experts will also help you open an account in almost any reliable jurisdiction. We will analyze your situation to shortlist the best options available free of charge and help you overcome all the administrative obstacles for a reasonable fee.

Where to Open an Offshore Account

Global Finance provides an annual list of the 50 most reliable banks across the globe. We have analyzed it to see which jurisdictions can be trusted most when it comes to keeping your money, and here are a few destinations from the top whose banks can be considered the most reliable.


This is yet one more Scandinavian player with a highly-developed economy whose financial sector is worth dealing with. If you set up a bank account in Sweden, you will take advantage of beneficial interest rates, excellent services, asset insurance coverage, and enhanced confidentiality. The amount of the initial deposit you will be required to make starts from 150,000 US dollars, but each bank has its own regulations you will have to comply with.


This is one more prospering European country that is supposed to be on the list of the best of the best – and it is: its banking institutions are really good. However, there is one serious problem: it is really hard for a non-resident to establish a bank account in France!


Unlike France, Canadian banks take foreigners more easily, and it is not very challenging for a non-resident to set up a bank account here if all the requirements are met (we will tell you about them). The banks in Canada are interested in foreign capital, so they offer attractive interest rates. This seems to be a problem-free solution, but it is not: most banks want you to pay a personal visit to open an account.


Singapore is not just an Asian financial hub but also a world banking center! It is focused on attracting capital from abroad, so you are sure to have a warm welcome here. The banking system is rapidly developing here to help customers feel even more welcome. The account will be opened rather quickly if a non-resident duly files all the required documents. Contact our experts to take advantage of secure and reliable Singaporean banks!

Feel free to click the link above to explore our portal and discover the additional jurisdictions on our list! Should you wish to open an account in any of these places, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our live chat. We’re here to assist you!

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