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Trading-Club Review – Is Trading-Club Scam or a Legit Broker?

Trading-Club review

At the forefront of the contemporary global financial market, one could find a plethora of companies that deserve attention. Trading-Club is certainly among the very few reputable and trustworthy brands that have been around for a long while. This trading platform managed to win over thousands of retail traders from all across the globe and continues providing a top-notch level of service to its loyal customers.

The wide range of available financial instruments, promising investment opportunities, and many other interesting positions in the rich lineup of products showcased by Trading-Club are things why we consider it one of the better companies in the market.

Trading-Club’s strong aspects

This trading platform has many advantages that set it aside from the rest of the competition. It is not easy to attract and retain thousands of customers without getting involved in controversies and accusations, but Trading-Club managed to avoid any drama by simply focusing on the quality of its product.

Advantages of Trading-Club:

  • When it comes to dealing with any online service, the question of safety becomes the most important issue. The official website of this platform uses SSL certification, advanced data handling algorithms, and contemporary antiviral measures.
  • With a long list of available financial instruments and a wide array of different investment plans, the company has something for everyone. You will be able to choose from a rich assortment of strategies that will work on the platform.
  • We don’t have to talk long about transparent banking, good reviews, and industry awards received by the company. However, the trading platform is reliable on another front too. The servers are stable and never go down.

Trading-Club’s shortcomings

While it is great that the company has so many strong sides to its products, there are some minor issues that we cannot overlook.

  • The support team can be overwhelmed during peak hours since the company focuses on the quality of the service and does not dilute its team with underperforming employees.
  • Withdrawing money is often a chore. You need to verify your identity and make sure that your credentials match the banking information. Delays can be also tedious.

Trading-Club’s focus on the terminal

The trading terminal available to all retail traders is designed and developed by a dedicated third-party contractor specializing in creating financial applications. Trading-Club invests heavily in maintaining and upgrading all tools that they offer to clients.

What you will find in the terminal:

  • A collection of technical indicators like RSI or Stochastic. They are intuitive, require little to no tinkering, and provide excellent food for thought when it comes to contemplating your next move in the market.
  • Many graphical tools allow you to draw directly on the price chart. Add support and resistance levels, Fibonacci lines, and many other overlays to get a firmer grasp on the current market situation without overanalyzing price dynamics.
  • Special features like placing orders with a single click (it can be a life-changing advantage for people who engage in aggressive tactics like scalping) and order templates that you can set up preemptively and use as you see fit.

Trading-Club’s mobile app

The functionality of the terminal and control panel are mirrored in the mobile application that you can install on your iOS or Android device without any issues. The mobile app is a great way for contemporary retail traders to keep their hand on the pulse of the market even when commuting for work, traveling abroad, or spending time with friends and relatives.

The app is designed nicely and was built with user experience in mind. You won’t find it difficult to navigate or use the app.


Trading-Club is among the top-performing legit brokers in the crypto industry and other financial markets. It is a great company to choose if you are interested in using advanced trading strategies or want to diversify your portfolio with novel financial instruments and digital assets.

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