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Use Vietnamese Virtual Number to Enhance Business Level

The global economy has erased trade borders between countries and the post-COVID era has transformed the usual patterns of learning, working, and doing business. You can live today in any country and manage a company located several thousand kilometers away. The main condition is the availability of Internet access. Many entrepreneurs took advantage of this opportunity by moving the center of their vital interests abroad. Modern realities allow foreign citizens to do business in any part of the world without changing their place of permanent residence.

The company worker can take orders or negotiate with customers from anywhere in the world and the cost of communication remains relatively low. International negotiations have long become quite commonplace. The easiest way to reduce the cost of such calls is to use IP telephony.

Modern technologies are needed to effectively manage all processes remotely. A well-thought-out CRM system for tracking employees’ working hours, sales, stock balances, and goods movements is a must-have feature. Reliable communication channels are also needed, in particular email and IP telephony, both for communicating with clients in other countries.

Virtual numbers as the main element of business communication 

The contact number on the company’s website should be convenient for the target audience of the brand. For example, if an activity is aimed at Vietnam, then customers expect to call a landline number with a familiar code of a Vietnamese operator. It is unlikely that anyone will want to pay for an international call to find out the cost of goods or delivery terms.

Renting an office with a fixed PBX for a foreign owner can be costly and inefficient. Thus, the virtual phone number in Vietnam from a Freezvon Company is the perfect solution. IP telephony is convenient for both businesses and customers. Local contacts are perceived as more trustworthy from the point of view of consumers. Such a number means that the company is nearby and is ready to fulfill obligations and give guarantees in case of disputes. This increases brand loyalty. However, it’s important to get acquainted with a really efficient feature that plays an important role in business development.

Forwarding is a decent IP telephony feature 

It helps to transfer all incoming calls to any phone, SIP account, answering machine, or voicemail (according to a predetermined algorithm). Intelligent forwarding with a set of flexible settings allows you to direct the connection, depending on a variety of conditions, to a specific structural unit or a specific manager. This allows the caller to quickly receive the result of his/her request to the company and managers save time and resources. Virtual PBX has a function for connecting pre-installed settings, which allows you to set up a call-forwarding system in a few clicks.


  • It works when the phone is off. It is enough to configure the transfer of incoming calls to backup phones. Everything remains the same for the caller.
  • The blacklist function protects the campaign from unwanted calls and subscribers. Any activity related to blacklisted phones will be rejected.
  • There is a tangible time saving for users. PBX makes a connection much faster than the usual manual call forwarding.
  • It’s easy to receive calls on any device, including mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers.
  • Service works even during non-working hours. The PBX will prompt the user to leave a request for services, which will retain the client and increase his/her confidence.
  • No missed calls. There is an automatic redirection to another free number if one is busy.

When the virtual PBX from Freezvon detects a regular user’s phone, it automatically connects him/her with the personal manager. Moreover, a special CRM system can remind the manager of the purpose the client is calling, whether he/she has already made purchases, how things are going with his/her order, etc. Call history analytics is always available for use in the personal account. This feature helps to save time and provide psychological peace of mind to the user upon repeated request by increasing his loyalty to the organization.

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