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Utilizing PET-CT Scans for Accurate Cancer Diagnosis and Monitoring

The success of the cancer treatment depends on the successful diagnosis of the problem. The timely diagnosis is the key to the right treatment. The right diagnosis is important because the misdiagnosis of the problem can lead to various negative consequences. Problem of Cancer is detected and diagnosed through various imaging methods. PET CT Scan is an advanced imaging technique considered to be one of the most accurate forms of diagnosis. 

Earlier only a single imaging technique was used for cancer diagnosis be it MRI, CT, PET, and Ultrasound. But nowadays doctors recommend PET CT scans for the diagnosis of cancer using the combination of different imaging techniques such as PET Scan and CT Scan to evaluate the molecular as well as physical aspects of cancer. Diagnostic centre in Delhi, which is well known for its excellence in the field of imaging. You can Book online your PET CT 24X7 here.  

There are various questions that come into your mind when you read about new technology. In this article, we will give the answer to every question that comes to mind about new imaging techniques such as PET CT Scans.

Keep reading this article and know in depth about the role of PET CT Scan for cancer diagnosis

Why is PET CT Scan Used for Cancer Diagnosis?

PET-CT scans are specially used for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer problems. This scan differentiates cancerous tissues from non-cancerous tissues. It is a highly recommended imaging scan because it is useful for detecting the cancer problem as well as evaluating the degree of severity and its stage. This scanning procedure provides important information that helps the doctor in diagnosis and prognosis and formation of the treatment plan to fight against the deadly disease.

  • It supports the right and highly accurate diagnosis and thereby helps the doctor in taking the right treatment.
  • PET CT helps in detecting the cancer problem at their early stages and is treated successfully.
  • It helps in deciding the effective treatment by providing highly reliable information about the lesions and abnormal mass growth.  
  • It evaluates the response of the patient to the treatment.

What is the Procedure for PET CT Scan? 

  • The testing method uses a very small quantity of radiotracers. Radiotracers are used to detect abnormal cellular activity. The Fluorodeoxyglucose radiotracer will be injected into your body before the scanning.
  • For the procedure of PET-CT Scan, the technologist will instruct you to lie on the table attached to the scanner. For the procedure, the table slides into the doughnut hole-like scanner. During the scanning procedure, you need to remain still so that the images don’t get blurred.
  • The metabolic activities of the Cancer cells always remain high so they need more glucose. The increased level of absorption of glucose is traced during the procedure. The areas with increased glucose absorption appear as bright spots. The brightened area indicates the presence of the cancerous cell.
  • A special camera is used to detect the radioactive emissions and create images of the metabolic activity of the cells in a specific area. A CT scan clicks images from various angles. The computer system is used to combine the data produced from the PET and CT scans to produce 3-dimensional images of internal organs.

How Do I Prepare for PET CT Scan?

  • The doctor will instruct you in a detailed manner for the preparation of your scan.
  • Please notify your doctor, if you have an allergic reaction, suffering from diabetes, taking medications, claustrophobic so that precautions can be taken.
  • Give information to the doctor or technologist if you are pregnant 

Is There Any Side Effect of PET CT for Cancer Diagnose?

PET CT scan is a highly safe, non-invasive, and painless diagnostic methodology that doesn’t cause any major side effects. However, some patients experience discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and allergic reaction due to radioactive tracer which wears off with time. 

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Procedure of a PET CT Scan for Cancer?

The entire procedure of the PET CT Scan for cancer may take 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The scanning process takes around 30 minutes. Because the procedure involves the use of the radiotracer that is injected into the vein takes approximately an hour to be absorbed by the tissues.


Cancer is a life-threatening problem that can be cured with the right diagnosis and right treatment at the early stage. With technological advancement, it is possible to detect deadly diseases in a simple way and in less time with diagnostic procedures like PET CT scans.  

PET CT Scan is a highly effective tool not only for cancer detection but tracking the treatment response as well as the recurrence of cancer after the completion of the successful treatment.  Find a high quality  PET scan centre near you to evaluate the cancer. Like Ganesh Diagnostic Centre, they provide high quality service to cancer patients. This procedure acts as a guide for treatment planning for patients with cancer problems to help them in living cancer-free life

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