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Vicetone Feat Collin Mcloughlin – Heartbeat (dmndz Remix)

Vicetone and Collin McLoughlin’s collaboration "Heartbeat" has been brought to life with an electrifying remix by DMNDZ. This remix has taken the original track and given it a modern twist, creating a captivating and energizing experience for listeners.

Vicetone feat Collin McLoughlin: "Heartbeat"

Vicetone and Collin McLoughlin’s track "Heartbeat" is an uplifting and captivating song that has been a huge hit since its release. This track is an emotional and melodic journey, with McLoughlin’s soothing and soulful vocals providing the perfect backdrop for Vicetone’s driving and powerful instrumentals. Together, the two have crafted an inspiring and powerful track that has been embraced by listeners around the world.

DMNDZ Remix: A Captivating Take on the Song

The DMNDZ remix of "Heartbeat" takes the original track and adds a modern twist. The remix is an energetic and captivating experience that is sure to get listeners moving. The remix features a driving beat and powerful synths that provide the perfect backdrop for McLoughlin’s soulful vocals. With its uplifting sound and infectious energy, the DMNDZ remix of "Heartbeat" is sure to be a hit with fans of both Vicetone and McLoughlin.

Vicetone and Collin McLoughlin’s track "Heartbeat" has been given a modern twist with the DMNDZ remix. This remix is an uplifting and captivating experience that is sure to get listeners moving. Whether you’re a fan of Vicetone or McLoughlin, the DMNDZ remix of "Heartbeat" is sure to be a hit.

On Friday, November 1, EDM duo Vicetone released their newest track, “Heartbeat (dmndz Remix)”, featuring vocalist Collin McLoughlin. This remix from the original track released earlier this year adds an exciting twist layering with epic melodic elements.

The production of “Heartbeat (dmndz Remix)” begins with a hint of Collin McLoughlin’s iconic vocals, and then builds on a reverberation of intense bass drops. This track also brings in some unique sounds through in house beats, exciting synth riffs, and handclaps that create solid beats and rhythms. As the song approaches its climax, listeners will find themselves immersed in a powerful buildup of synths and samples – the result of a great collaboration between the two acts.

Vicetone and Collin Mcloughlin have created a powerful piece of music that will no doubt be a welcome addition to their already impressive and extensive array of hits. The combination of their sounds creates an electronic song that is both suitable for the dance floor and also contains elements of dub-step.

This track is sure to be a fan favorite. Vicetone and Collin Mcloughlin are a dynamic duo, and as proven with “Heartbeat (dmndz Remix),” their music is both progressive and explosive. From the heartfelt verses to the thunderous beats,this track will surely make a strong impression with listeners.

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