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Vinod Kambli Net Worth

Vinod Kambli is a former Indian cricketer who played for the Indian National Cricket Team and is known for his impressive batting style. He has a huge fan base and is a popular figure in the cricket world. This article will discuss Vinod Kambli’s net worth and sources of income.

Vinod Kambli’s Net Worth

Vinod Kambli’s net worth is estimated to be around ₹9 crore. He has amassed this wealth through his cricketing career, endorsements, and other investments and business ventures. He is also the owner of a sports academy in Mumbai and is involved in many charity activities.

Sources of Income

  1. Cricketing Career: Vinod Kambli was a successful cricketer and represented India in several Test matches and One Day Internationals. He was also a part of the Indian team that won the World Cup in 1996. He earned millions through his cricketing career and that is one of the major sources of his net worth.

  2. Endorsements: Vinod Kambli is a popular figure in the cricket world and has made several endorsements for various brands. He has endorsed brands like Pepsi, Reebok, and others. These endorsements have contributed to his net worth.

  3. Business Ventures: Vinod Kambli is also involved in various business ventures. He is the owner of a sports academy in Mumbai and has invested in various business ventures. These investments have also contributed to his net worth.

  4. Charity Work: Vinod Kambli is also involved in various charity activities. He has been associated with many NGOs and has been involved in various philanthropic activities.

Vinod Kambli is a former Indian cricketer who has a net worth of ₹9 crore. His sources of income include his cricketing career, endorsements, business ventures, and charity work. He is a popular figure in the cricket world and continues to be an inspiration for many aspiring cricketers.

Vinod Kambli, a former professional cricketer, is considered to be one of the most talented batsmen to ever play for India. Many people know that he was a great player but few may know the success he achieved financially. According to reports, Kambli has a net worth estimated to be at around $35 million in 2020.

Kambli had a very successful career in the cricket field. He started out as a young batsman and soon made a name for himself with his first class batting performances. He made his international debut in 1993 and played his last Test match in 2000. During his time with the Indian cricket team, he played 104 ODIs and 17 test matches. Although he was mainly a batsman, Kambli was known to have bowled whenever the situation called for it. His career was marked with several memorable performances, such as his first international hundred against Pakistan in 1996, and his record-breaking 224-run partnership with Sachin Tendulkar.

Despite the premature end to his cricket career, Kambli was able to make a great deal of money due to his talent. He has appeared in numerous cricket commentary shows and has been a brand ambassador for several products. He was also able to make investments in stocks, places and even in hospitality, which have all paid off handsomely.

Kambli’s partnership with Sachin Tendulkar also played a major role in his financial success. The two had done a number of business ventures together, which helped both of them to make more money. They have even recently launched a line of cricket coaching academies with the aim of helping young players improve their skills.

Kambli is now a successful businessman who has made most of his money through his investments. He has invested his money smartly, ensuring that his net worth continues to remain high. With an estimated net worth of around $35 million in 2020, Kambli has proved to be a great success both on and off the cricket field.

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