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Ways to Earn YouTube Channel and Get Subscribers

How to Make Money on YouTube and Increase Subscribers

With the growing popularity of the video hosting site YouTube, creating videos is no longer just a hobby, and blogging has become a profitable and relevant profession. Now it is a fast-growing business platform that attracts a huge number of sponsors and advertisers every day who are ready to pay bloggers to promote and advertise their products. Read below about how to make money from their videos, and what you need to do it.

To make more money on your YouTube channel, you need from 1000 subscribers on the channel. It’s easy to get them from Using Instagram, Telegram and Tik Tok, you can get likes and views.

Where to start and how to create a YouTube channel

To begin with, you should create your account on YouTube and decide on its theme. The name should be catchy and fully correspond to the content of the channel. No meaningless sets of numbers and letters – this will prevent the search engine from finding your account. As for the subject, it can be anything – cooking, cars, gaming videos, or a beauty blog – no particular preference. The main thing – interesting and unusual ideas in the presentation and processing of material, so you will stand out from the crowd. You should also take care of a beautiful design banner in YouTube and create an original splash screen for your videos. Next, you should systematically post on your channel quality and meaningful videos.

The main thing – interesting and unusual ideas in presenting and processing the material, so you will stand out from the crowd!

Creating an account is free, but for productive work have to spend money on additional equipment:

  • A quality camera, tripod and microphone.
  • A powerful computer that can process high resolution video.
  • A tablet with constant Internet access to monitor activity on your channel and respond to messages.

Keep in mind that earning money on youtube in the first few months is impossible – you will have to gain an audience and popularity on youtube to begin with.

Knowledge and skills that a successful blogger must have

Everyone can create a platform – it does not require monetary investments and special talents. It is much harder to keep it afloat and develop in this business.  1000 or more subscribers, views and likes can be obtained for social media quickly at Only newbies earn on affiliate programs on YouTube – sooner or later this money becomes insufficient, and then the success of the blog fully depends on its owner, who should have skills as a marketer, PR specialist and web designer:

  • The ability to find common ground with competitors and work as a team – Collaborations, i.e. cooperation, or even easier, friendship with other successful bloggers, are necessary to attract new audiences.
  • The ability to process video and create effects.
  • Advertising skills – the ability to sense trends will allow you to produce relevant videos, as well as create colorful previews that will attract the viewer with an interesting title and description.
  • The ability to sell – good advertisers come on their own only to bloggers who have crossed the hundred-thousand subscriber threshold. If you can not boast of such figures, you have to look for them on their own, offering cooperation to various companies. This is where the skills of persuasion, presenting your benefits and selling services come in handy.

It is important to have a creative streak – creative ideas and unique material are always in honor with the audience.

How to make money on YouTube – the main ways

So, you have a popular account. Now it is worth determining how to attract money. There are many options for making money on YouTube:

Monetization or connecting to an affiliate network

Beginning bloggers have a choice – to work directly with YouTube or look for affiliate networks.

In the first case, we are talking about connecting to a resource Adsense, the requirement of which is to have a minimum of 10,000 views per month.


  • The service connects quickly and without complications.
  • You get a fixed amount of money, which is displayed in your personal account.
  • Promotion of your videos on the main page of the hosting.


  • The commission is over 40%.
  • The administration is hard to contact, so controversial issues are difficult to resolve.
  • If the program notices suspicious activity on your channel, it will be blocked, and all the money previously earned will go back.

Affiliate media networks are intermediaries through which a connection is established with an advertiser.


  • Earnings are higher than from a standard affiliate network.
  • Technical support is always open to dialogue, as you can always go directly to the intermediary.
  • Commission up to 30%.
  • Earned money stays with you even after the account is deleted.


  • High selection criteria for the participants.
  • There are cases of fraud.
  • It is necessary to pass a number of checks before connecting.

You can earn at once at YouTube – affiliate VSP Group, which requirements are much easier, will help in this:

  • Minimum 5000 views per month.
  • More than 300 subscribers.
  • At the time of application the blog must be active for at least one month.
  • Presence of 10 or more author’s videos.
  • VSP Group pays from 2 cents to $10 per thousand commercial views, but more often that amount is only one dollar.
  • Work with advertisers and sponsors directly – you independently search for advertisers you mention in your videos as a sponsor. You agree on the amount and method of payment individually and directly.
  • Providing advertising services to other channels.
  • Selling souvenirs and goods of your own production – this method applies only to the biggest blogs with a million subscribers and more.

Money on YouTube does not count for views, only commercial views and clicks on advertising banners. The average amount per 1,000 impressions is $2. This amount can be higher or lower depending on the popularity of the video, the number of subscribers and the type of affiliate.

Paid advertising comes in several varieties:

  • Pop-up banners – pop-ups with ads appear on the screen while viewing. Payment occurs if the viewer clicks on the video and clicks on the link.
  • Sidebar ads – this is quite a clever way to attract attention, because the search engine analyzes user queries, and offers him the products that he was looking for the day before. Also, the banner does not appear immediately, but with a delay of several seconds, pushing aside the lower ads, which often causes viewers to click on it out of carelessness.
  • Inserted video viewer is interrupted by the broadcast of the embedded clip on the principle of advertising on television. The first time the clip can be skipped, but the second time you have to either watch it in full or reload the page. Money is credited only for the fully viewed clip.

Get the money you earn can be by means of payment systems or any other convenient way.

What affects earnings and can it be increased?

Possible earnings on YouTube depends directly on the popularity of the channel, namely these factors:

  • The number of views.
  • Type of partnership.
  • The number of subscribers.
  • The language of the content – more chances have English-speaking bloggers, which can watch all over the world.
  • Ability to pay viewers – statistics show the average age of the audience. The older the viewers – the more money they have, and the more expensive the advertising costs.

Sometimes users with quality content do not pass the thousandth threshold of subscribers, despite all the efforts. In this case, it makes sense to resort to methods of promotion:

  • advertising on third-party resources – statistics confirm that more than 30% of video views come from conversions from social networks, so it’s worth taking care of advertising in public groups, as well as sharing links with as many people as possible,
  • Buying advertising from popular bloggers and publishers – for a certain amount of money, more successful colleagues can introduce you to their audience or make a joint video with you,
  • organization of competitions and contests, the conditions for which will be the likes or comments under your videos,
  • social activity and constant contact with the audience.

Artificial scoring of views with the help of special servers, where services are provided for virtual points or real money, has been gaining popularity lately. This method is controversial, and has a number of advantages and disadvantages:


  • A channel with a large number (even if it has a lot of fake subscribers), attracts attention and new viewers.
  • Increases the chances of getting to the top of the resource.
  • large numbers is a great way to convince sponsors that it is your project that is beneficial for cooperation.


  • Named subscribers do not bring in views, and, consequently, money,
  • if the administration notices a suspiciously high growth of your channel’s audience, it will be blocked.

The three main factors for successful earnings on YouTube, is consistency, uniqueness and persistence.

To summarize, the three main factors of successful earning on YouTube are consistency, uniqueness and persistence. Before you start a channel, you should answer yourself the question: are you ready to spend all your time and resources on its promotion and expect it to pay off?

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