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What 5 Words Best Define Your Home Life?

What 5 words best describe your home? The answer may surprise you. You may be surprised to know that the words you use to describe your home are not only true, but they are also the most accurate. These words should be used when you are trying to convey an image. When you describe your home, you should start with its location and sector. Then, you can include details of its appearance and zeal. Using good adjectives can help you create a clear image and enhance your spoken English.

The term “dysfunctional” describes families that are generally dysfunctional. The word “dysfunctional” is very clear when used in a negative context. It is derived from the word “tumult,” and paints a picture of disarray and negativity regularly. Another word that perfectly describes a home life is “malignant.” The word implies negativity and is often associated with a bad energy.


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