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What Are the Causes for Students to Drop Out from University Essay


Higher education is an important step for many students in achieving their career goals. However, not all students are able to complete their university studies, and many end up dropping out. There are a variety of reasons why university students might choose to drop out, ranging from financial difficulties to a lack of motivation. It is important to understand the causes of university dropouts in order to help those who are struggling and prevent further dropouts.

Reasons for University Dropouts

One of the most common reasons for university dropouts is financial difficulties. Many students rely on loans, grants, and scholarships to pay for their education, and when these funds are not enough, students may be forced to drop out. Additionally, some students may not be able to afford the cost of living in a university town or city, which can also lead to dropping out.

Other students may choose to drop out because of academic difficulties. University courses can be challenging, and some students may find that they are not able to keep up with the workload. This can lead to a lack of motivation, which can ultimately result in dropping out. Additionally, some students may simply not be prepared for the rigors of university life, and may find it difficult to adjust.

Finally, some students may choose to drop out because of personal reasons. These can include family issues, health problems, or simply a desire to pursue a different career path. No matter the reason, personal issues can be a major factor in a student’s decision to drop out of university.

Impact of University Dropouts

University dropouts can have a major impact on an individual’s life, both in the short-term and in the long-term. In the short-term, dropping out can lead to a loss of financial aid and scholarships, which can put a student in a difficult financial situation. Additionally, university dropouts may find it difficult to find jobs that are related to their major, as employers may view them as less qualified than students who have completed their degree.

In the long-term, university dropouts may find it difficult to advance in their careers, as employers may be reluctant to hire someone who has not completed a degree. Additionally, university dropouts may miss out on the networking opportunities and other benefits that come with completing a degree, which can limit their career prospects.


University dropouts can have a major impact on an individual’s life, both in the short-term and in the long-term. Understanding the reasons why students choose to drop out is important in order to help those who are struggling and prevent

Students choosing to drop out of university for any number of reasons is becoming a more and more common occurrence. Students come to university with a variety of experiences and expectations, and sometimes those expectations don’t line up with reality. Although each student’s reasons for dropping out of university will be different, there are some common causes as to why students choose to take a break from their studies.

One of the primary causes of why students may drop out of university is a lack of motivation. When a student is having difficulties keeping up with the academic demands of their programme, they may lack the motivation to continue and decide to take a break. Lack of funds, feeling the pressure of their classes, or feeling burnt out from work, can all contribute to a unenthusiastic attitude towards studying.

Another reason students drop out of university is due to mental health issues. The pressure to perform and expectations of staying ahead of peers in class can cause anxiety and depression in a student, leaving them feeling overwhelmed or lost. Additionally, frequent feelings of loneliness, isolation and low self-esteem can contribute greatly to an inability to engage and do well in class, leading some to drop out.

Poor academic performance is also a leading reason for students dropping out of university. These students may feel that their lack of success in the classroom means they are not cut out for the academic structure, or that they are not smart enough to keep up with it, leading to a decision to withdraw from their studies.

Additionally, lifestyle choices can result in a student’s choice to quit their studies. Socialization, partying, and relationships can take precedent over academics, and when these things start to get in the way of a student’s success it can lead to regret and the decision to drop out.

Although often discouraging, it is not an uncommon decision for university students to drop out. Understanding the various reasons as to why students make this decision can help evaluate whether it is a permanent or temporary solution for the individual. In every case, it should be supported to give the student the opportunity to both tackle their problems and re-evaluate their long-term plans in order to make a successful return to the university programmes.

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