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What Are The Different Ring Sizes, And How Can I Measure Them?

Buying an engagement ring that doesn’t fit can be a common occurrence for new buyers. But here’s the good news: many ring stores provide complimentary resizing services, so you can make sure your diamond ring fits perfectly for your special moment – adding an extra spark of magic!

Celebrating a marriage proposal is one of the most thrilling experiences! Don’t let your day be overshadowed by doubts about whether the ring will fit. Once you’ve settled on your lab diamond’s aesthetic—including its style, shape, and setting—take a look at the ring size chart for guidance. Make sure you’re ready to commemorate this momentous occasion with an unforgettable sparkler!

We have created a comprehensive guide on accurately measuring your ring size. This will help cool off some pressure. Read to the end!

What Are The Different Ring Sizes?

Ring sizes are traditionally measured in units called “ringsizes,” which correspond to the ring’s circumference in millimeters. You can use a ring size chart or a sizer tool found online or at a jewelry store to determine your ring size.

Nonetheless, most experts advise against using any ring size chart you find. A reliable and accurate ring size chart is best from a trustworthy jeweler. Once you measure your ring size, you can download a printable chart to use anytime you go shopping for the ring. The ring size chart is standard in US, UK, or EU sizes.

Moreover, a consistent ring size chart is also helpful when you want to measure yourself at home. Sometimes, finding an experienced jeweler to measure you can be challenging. That’s where a printable ring size chart comes in handy for DIY ring measurements. But, how different are ring sizes?

For women, standard ring sizes range from 4 to 9mm, while men’s sizes range from 8 to 14mm. It’s important to note that ring sizes vary slightly between countries and manufacturers. In America, ring sizes generally range from 3-13.5mm, with available half sizes. Some companies may offer sizes outside this range, but that’s less common.

How Can You Measure Ring Sizes?

When measuring ring size, ensure the lab-grown diamond ring is tight enough to prevent falling off. A tight ring can cause embedded ring syndrome. But, again, it should be loose enough to take it off when necessary. Follow the steps below to help you find a ring size that fits perfectly!

  • Use a Ring Size Chart

You can easily use DIY ring size measurements at home. Go to a trusted jeweler’s site and print a ring size chart measured to scale. Ensure you print an image in the actual size and follow the guidelines for determining your ring size. It’s a straightforward process!

  • Use a Ring Sizer

A ring sizer is a plastic or metal tool that helps you determine your ring size by sliding it onto your finger and determining which size fits best. Ring sizers are available online or at a jewelry store. Ring-sizing tools can either be a thin measuring tape or a gradient-lined key-ring with several sizes.

  • Use a String or Paper Strip

A string or paper strip is easy to access, making it one of the best measurement methods. Here’s what to do;

  1. Wrap the string or paper strip around your ring finger and mark the meeting ends.
  2. Measure the length of the string or strip with a ruler. 
  3. Find your size on a ring size chart using the millimeters.
  • Check Your Current Ring Size

If you love rings, you must have several collections. When buying your wedding rings, use one of the perfectly fitting rings to determine your size. Measure the inner diameter of your current ring using a ruler. Then, use a printable ring size chart to find the corresponding measurements.

  • Have Your Finger Measured Professionally

Visit a jewelry store or a professional jeweler to have your finger measured with a ring sizer. This is one of the ideal ways to determine your ring sizing. A jeweler will also recommend the best types of rings that will be easy to resize when necessary. Others even have an enticing after-service package should you buy your lab grown diamond rings from them.

How Do You Know You Have a Correct Ring Size? 

After trying on your engagement ring, try shaking your hand. It’ll help you see if it wobbles a lot on your finger or not. This way, you’ll know how tight or loose it is.

Conversely, try to rotate the lab diamond ring on your finger clockwise and counterclockwise. A perfect fit should be comfy, but easily wiggle on and off, including over your knuckles.

What About When You Get a Wrong Ring Size?

Be easy on yourself if you get the ring size wrong the first time. Resizing your lab-grown diamond ring is an excellent option. But, resizing also has its limits. Resize at most 4 sizes, as anything further than this will likely ruin the ring’s quality.

Even though wedding bands are usually the “easiest” to resize, many factors come into play. The base metal, design and style are crucial factors in determining whether resizing is possible, plus the cost.

Additionally, several resizing methods depend on the ring material type. It may require soldering the material to burn under heat. Still, the jeweler can use metal sizing beads or ring inserts to tighten your solitaire ring.

How to Measure Ring Size in Secret

If you’re planning to pop the proposal question, you’ll need to know the ring size of your significant other. Because people love a surprise proposal, ring size can be a challenge. Using a string or the ring sizer to measure is out of the question. But, worry not!

Try asking close friends if they know anything about your partner’s ring size. Still, you can take them for a ‘fun’ ring shopping and arrange for an expert to size them secretly.

If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, you could get one of their favorite rings and take it to a jeweler. Or, you could trace the diameter and circumference at home if carrying the ring might be suspicious.

However, if your secret ring size quest doesn’t succeed, it would be safe to opt for a larger size. This way, your better half can resize their solitaire engagement ring after the proposal.

Parting Shot

Whether you’re a bride-to-be getting ready for her wedding day, or an admirer wanting to surprise the one you love with a ring on a special occasion, finding the correct size is essential. With the methods above, you can ensure that your moment — and your ring — will be perfect. 

Re-measuring your finger size periodically is also key to remember, as the size of your finger can change due to weight loss or gain, pregnancy, and certain medical conditions. Be sure to double-check your size if you purchase from a different region or brand. Now that you have the tools you need to get it right the first time, go ahead and find that perfect fit!

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