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What Are the Different Types of Body Fat That People Carry Today?

As the need to be perfect in this world continues to grow, more and more people develop health problems. Many end up struggling with mental health issues. Some also struggle with physical issues related to fat distribution problems.

How much body fat you have plays a key role in your attractiveness, muscle mass, and quality of life. Are you unsure of the different types of body fat you may have? If so, this is the article for you.

Keep reading to find out what they are and how to eliminate the most harmful.

Mesomorphic Fat

Mesomorphic fat, or meso-fat, is the ideal body fat for athletes, dancers, and bodybuilders looking for an athletic and toned look.

A naturally balanced body composition also characterizes this type of fat, with little fat stored in the waist, midsection, and buttocks. Instead, meso-fat is typically distributed more evenly throughout the body.

Although meso-fat can be difficult to achieve, it is the preferred fat type for athletes and bodybuilders from the fitness industry because of its:

  • muscle-building potential
  • improved posture
  • toned image

Endomorphic Fat

Endomorphic body fat is typically carried around the midriff, buttocks, and thighs. This type of body fat can generally be quite stubborn and difficult to shift.

Endomorphs who carry too much of this fat face increased health risks, such as heart disease and diabetes. Endomorphic fat stores easily and is usually the result of a calorie-dense and carb-heavy diet.

People with endomorphic fat should focus on a healthy, balanced diet containing plenty of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and proteins. Exercise also plays a role in shedding this type of fat.

Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat is the type of body fat located just below the skin layer and mainly composed of a lipid substance. This type of fat serves as an energy reserve for the body and helps to maintain body temperature.

Subcutaneous fat also protects the body against physical damage. It helps to cushion the skin and helps to shut down nerve receptors. Subcutaneous fat can also be seen in the following:

  • face
  • breasts
  • arms
  • hips
  • thighs

This type of fat is most commonly measured when determining an individual’s body fat levels.

Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is the type of fat that builds up around the internal organs and is more dangerous than other types of fat. This type of fat is often described as ‘active fat’ as it can release hormones and chemicals into the bloodstream, increasing the risk of chronic health conditions.

People who are overweight and obese tend to have more visceral fat and are at greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.

The best way to reduce visceral fat is to have a healthy balanced diet and get regular exercise, or liposuction can help reduce it.

Learn About Different Types of Body Fat Today

The different types of fat that people carry today depend on age, gender, and lifestyle.

Visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, and intramuscular fat are all essential types of body fat that people learn to manage with the right diet and exercise.

If you want to achieve optimal health and get physically fit, consider consulting a nutritionist or trainer to help you reach your goals efficiently.

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