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What Are the Main Types of Nurses?

Did you know that 85% of nurses said they would continue to work in their current field? They work in diverse settings, treating people with a vast range of health conditions.

Nursing jobs are fundamentally the same: keeping their patient healthy and safe. To do that, nurses need to be multi-talented and able to adapt when a patient’s symptoms change. That’s why there are so many different kinds of nurses out there.

This article will examine the various types of nurses a patient may encounter. Read on to learn more.

Registered Nurses

They have the most advanced practice and can provide direct patient care. RNs are responsible for assessing, diagnosing, and treating illnesses. They also teach caregivers how to provide proper care.

The demand for this profession is rising day by day and the number of jobs for registered nurses is available which help them to pursue their career and increase demand.

They work with patients and their families to develop care plans. They also provide education on health promotion. They also assist with decision-making in health care.

RNs are also managers and supervisors. They often provide natural leadership in the organizations in which they work. RNs are the primary resource for patient outcomes.

Licensed Practical Nurses

They help create patient care plans and keep medical records. They often work with registered nurses to provide personalized and direct patient care. LPNs are responsible for the following:

  • Collecting health histories
  • Administering medications
  • Performing medical tests
  • Assisting with treatments
  • Monitoring vital signs

Additionally, LPNs must exercise judgment and decision-making skills. LPNs must excel in interpersonal skills and show compassion. When working in healthcare, consider the north face personalized clothing.

Certified Nursing Assistants

CNAs are a critical component of the healthcare team. They provide direct, hands-on care to patients in all areas of healthcare. They work closely with registered nurses.

They also perform duties to ensure patient comfort and safety. CNAs must undergo extensive training and pass a certification assessment. They often interact with patients and families.

This nursing career path is promising for providing compassionate, quality patient care.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

They are advanced practice nurses with specialized skills and backgrounds. They use their expert knowledge to assess, diagnose and treat clients. They are involved in research, behavior change programs, and disease management.

They collaborate in interdisciplinary team settings to improve healthcare outcomes. They also develop standards of care. They apply evidence-based practices to prevent diseases and shape healthcare delivery.

Their oversight and expertise contribute to more efficient and meaningful delivery of healthcare. They also play an essential role in advocating for patients.

Nurse Practitioner

They generally diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic illnesses. NPs may also coordinate care and focus on health promotion and disease prevention. They also provide patient education and perform minor procedures.

NPs are granted the most significant scope of practice. They often require NPs to collaborate with medical physicians.

Understanding the Types of Nurses

Nursing is a complex profession that requires immense knowledge and skills. The main types of nurses provide diverse and invaluable patient care. These nurses represent a robust and dedicated profession. If you’d like to become a nurse, visit this school website for more info.

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