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What are the most popular cosmetic surgeries today?

Understanding the growth of cosmetic surgery and what’s topping the list for the patients of today

Once upon a time cosmetic surgery was considered to be the preserve of the rich and famous. Boob jobs were reserved for Hollywood actresses and face lifts were the hallmark of the millionaire desperate to turn back the clock.

Today, however, cosmetic surgery has become relatively commonplace. As the quality and affordability of procedures have improved, it’s made it possible for more of us to invest in medical treatments that will help us change the things that impact our self-esteem and potentially our health.

Interestingly, it’s not just women going under the knife – as was once the stereotype. Today, men are also putting their hands in their pockets to make aesthetic changes that give them a greater sense of happiness.

So, what’s top of the list of treatments on the international list in 2022? Here’s a rundown.


It’s not surprising that in an era when appearance seems to have become everything that people look to surgery to help them shed pounds and sculpt the body.

Put in simple terms, liposuction is a procedure designed to remove fat from areas of the body and achieve a slim, shapely figure. The most popular type of liposuction is known as “tumescent liposuction”. This involves the use of a saline solution, numbing agent and a drug that constricts the blood vessels to prepare the area. A cannulas (a hollow metal tool) is then used to suck the fat and liquid out of the body before the incision is stitched back together. Taking note of the liposuction recovery process is just as important as the procedure itself to lower risk factors.

Although there is nothing beautiful about this procedure when witnessed first-hand, there is no doubt that liposuction is safer and more effective than ever.


Closely related to liposuction is the abdominoplasty – known more commonly as the tummy tuck. In fact, a tummy tuck can often involve an element of liposuction in and around the abdomen. Primarily, a tummy tuck serves to remove excess skin from the abdominal area, pulling the remaining skin taught and creating a smooth, flat finish to the belly.

It’s an incredibly popular treatment for women post-pregnancy when their body fails to return to normal through natural means.

Breast augmentation

Next on the list is the good old boob job. The enlargement of women’s breasts has been popular for several decades now and there’s no sign of the trend slowing down. Indeed, it’s estimated that 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries take place each year in the USA alone.

Surgery is a popular choice for women with smaller breasts who wish to enlarge their chest and create a curvier physique. However, it is also often utilised by women who have lost shape or firmness in their breasts after breastfeeding, as well as women who have undergone a mastectomy in order to avoid or treat cancer.


Like many cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty is more widely known by another name – “nose job”. Rhinoplasty entails the reshaping of the nose to straighten, curve or simply find greater balance the nose in relation to the rest of the face. The overall size of the nose may also be decreased in order to find a more pleasing appearance to the patient.

Of course, nose jobs aren’t always undertaken for purely cosmetic purposes. For individuals who have suffered a deviated septum or suffer from a debilitating narrowing of the nasal passage, rhinoplasty can be used to aid the flow of air through the nose – improving breathing and reducing snoring in the process.

For those looking to undertake treatment, find a reputable clinic and ensure that you understand all of the details before proceeding. Once you have had all of your questions answered, rhinoplasty at Centre for Surgery or a similarly respected establishment is more cost effective than you might think.

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