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Everyone loves having hair on their head. Losing hair is a difficult experience. Seeing strands fall out can make the heart sink. It is natural to lose about 100 strands a day. But it will only be considered hair loss when the lost strands don’t grow back. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary. Based on that, the practitioner will suggest the best course of action once the cause has been determined. There are various ways in which hair loss can be tackled like a hair transplant Toronto. We are here to discuss some of the ways to combat hair loss.

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a good option when trying to restore your hair using your own hair. It is a permanent way to target hair loss. Follicular Unit Extraction is a great technique for hair transplantation. In his method, hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head and then transplanted into the targeted area. The openings are created using a hand-held rotary punch tool, which is very small, making it a minimally invasive procedure. FUE can help to deliver scar-free results. It can help one achieve results achieve are natural-looking. However, it takes a while to see the results. You have to wait about 8 months to a year to see the results.

PRP Therapy

This is a hair restoration procedure, which makes use of the blood platelets and other growth factors that are present in the blood. In Platelet-rich plasma therapy, blood is drawn from the patient and it is spun at high speed in a centrifuge. This helps to separate the plasma and growth factors from the other blood components. After the separation, the components are injected back into the scalp. This helps to promote hair growth and improve the blood supply. The newer hair growth is dense and thick. It is recommended to undergo 3 to 4 sessions to see the best possible results. To maintain the results, it is advised to undergo one to two treatments every year.

Vitamin Therapy

Healthy hair also depends on the overall well-being of the person. If someone who doesn’t eat a balanced diet or suffers from malnutrition might experience hair fall off. Anaemia, restrictive diets and deficiencies, impact the hair. Increasing patient, zin, iron and folic acid intake can help to restore the lost hair. The doctor will carry out the necessary blood tests to determine the levels of vitamins and prescribe you supplements that can be helpful.


It is an active ingredient that is used for treating hair loss. This is a topical product that is present in either liquid or foam form. It is applied directly on the scalp. Minoxidil helps to stimulate hair growth and halt the fallout. It takes about 2 to 6 months to see the results from the usage. Even for that, it is suggested that you use the product continuously. It could cause scalp irritation and itching. Once you stop using minoxidil, it could cause hair loss to return.

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