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What Causes Feeling of Something Stuck in Throat for Days

Having a feeling of something stuck in your throat can be a discomforting experience that lasts for days. This sensation can be caused due to a variety of physical and psychological reasons. Understanding the root cause of this sensation can help you take the right steps to address it.

Physical Causes

A feeling of something stuck in the throat can be the result of a physical obstruction. This obstruction can be caused due to a range of medical conditions, such as GERD, an enlarged thyroid gland, tumors, or even a foreign object. It can also be caused by conditions that cause narrowing or spasms in the throat, such as laryngospasm, esophageal strictures, or vocal cord paralysis.

Psychological Causes

In some cases, the sensation of something being stuck in the throat can be caused by psychological factors. Stress or anxiety can lead to a sensation of tightness in the throat and chest, making it feel like something is stuck. This sensation can be accompanied by difficulty swallowing, pain, or hoarseness.

It is important to seek medical attention if you experience a feeling of something stuck in your throat that lasts for more than a few days. A doctor can help you identify the underlying cause and provide the right treatment.

If you’re feeling like there is something stuck in your throat for days, you’re not alone. This symptom, also known as globus sensation, is actually very common, particularly in individuals under high levels of stress. While this feeling can be uncomfortable and concerning, it is typically not caused by an underlying medical issue.

The sensation of something being stuck in your throat can be caused by stress and anxiety, as these conditions can put tension on the muscles of the throat, causing the sensation. Other potential causes of this feeling include dehydration, acid reflux, allergies, sinus infections, and muscle tension.

To help relieve this sensation, there are some things that can be done to help. Drinking plenty of water may help, as dehydration causes the throat to become dry and itchy, which could then cause the feeling that something is stuck. If allergies are the cause of your discomfort, then speak to your doctor about what medications are available to help. Eating smaller and more frequent meals, as well as avoiding acidic foods which can irritate the throat may also help. In addition, doing breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can help with any muscle tension in your throat that may be causing the sensation of something stuck.

If the feeling lingers, you should speak to your doctor, who may recommend further testing to check for other more serious underlying conditions. Usually, however, the feeling of something being stuck in the throat is nothing to worry about, and will eventually go away with some simple lifestyle adjustments.

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