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What Does A Project Manager Do? What Should Be Your Duties?

Regarding the reasons behind the success of a project, no one can deny the importance and efforts of a project manager. By offering tons of services at one time, they are overall responsible for the success or failure of the project. And that’s why they take a huge amount of money to handle one project just. 

It looks astonishing to hear how a person can only be a reason for the success and failure of a project and what he does that a company pay him hundreds of dollars every month. For that, you should understand the duties of a project manager. In addition, the best part is that you can also earn such a significant amount by becoming a project manager because you don’t need to acquire any degree for that. Let’s see how it is possible and what your duties should be after becoming one. 

What Does A Project Manager Do?

On a superficial level, it looks that a project manager just oversees the whole project. But if you peek into the depth, you will understand that a Top Project Manager has a lot of duties to perform. Some of them are here. 

  • Define the project’s scope: First, the project manager has to define the scope of a project. Determine the boundaries and objectives of the project.
  • Define the project’s goals: Set clear and achievable objectives for the project.
  • Do proper planning: Develop a roadmap that outlines the project’s tasks, milestones, and deliverables.
  • Make a schedule: Create a timeline that includes all the project activities and deadlines.
  • Allocating resources: Determine what resources are needed and assign them to the appropriate tasks.
  • Decide a budget and manage the project within it: Set a budget for each section of the project and ensure that spending stays within limits.
  • Track the project’s progress: Monitor the project’s status, document any changes, and update stakeholders.
  • Risks: Identify potential risks that could affect the project’s success and develop plans to mitigate them.
  • Converse with stakeholders: Keep stakeholders informed of project status, changes, and issues.
  • Troubleshooting: Address any problems that arise during the project.
  • Track the result’s quality: Monitor and measure the quality of the project deliverables.
  • Deliver on time: Ensure the project should be finished by the agreed-upon deadline.
  • Budget is essential: Keep project expenses within the set budget to avoid financial issues.

Why Should You Choose To Become A Project Manager?

The reasons may be many, but the most crucial, I think, because many people join this career are learning different skills, getting opportunities in vast industries, and earning higher salaries. 

Project managers get the best opportunity to learn several skills which are not only helpful in getting more jobs but also in life matters. The development of leadership skills, planning things within budget, time management, doing work within resources, overseeing the teamwork, and getting maximum and top quality results at the end. 

Moreover, project management is a need of every industry despite the nature of the company. That’s why nowadays, every company or firm demands a project manager for each new project, thus giving a vast opportunity to get employed by different industries. 

Last but not least is the salary. Project managers are not only in demand, but the company offers higher salaries for handling the complete project. For example, according to estimates, some project managers earn $200,000 to $300,000 yearly. 

How Can You Become A Project Manager?

Becoming a project manager is challenging, especially when you don’t know the right path. Your first step in this struggle should be mental preparation. Prepare your mind and then find a mentor, coach, or teacher. You can’t become a professional PM if you don’t have the right person to direct you. 

For that, why not get consultancy from the best Project Management Coach and Mentor like Dean Jones? I’m sure you will get a pool of knowledge and experience if you get the opportunity to be mentored by him. 

Dean Jones is a PM coach and WordPress Development Guru offering his services at HostRooster, a platform known for its creation of a freelance marketplace based on diversity, equality, and justice. 

Dean Jones is known as a project manager for completing some tremendous private and UK government construction projects. His significant feature is his successful PM career in the UK despite being a black minority. 

It’s a blessing for those who want to join this field, as Dean Jones is now ready to mentor anyone who wants his coaching without any demand of being physically joined in the UK. You can get access to his coaching from anywhere in the world without any discrimination because he is strictly against racism. 

Dean Jones is also a virtual meeting consultant and helps a lot of businesses to make their employers worldwide work effortlessly, connect with each other virtually, and do big projects efficiently. 

Dean Jones has honed his skills in strategic leadership, budget management, stakeholder management, and team management over the course of 25 years, showcasing a track record of excellence in these areas.


Now you have understood the query, ‘What does a project manager do?’ Though the responsibility is big, if you learn all the needed skills from some professional Top Tier Mentor and Coach like Dean Jones, then success is not so far from you. Let’s start the journey of learning project management with Dean Jones today and takes the first step toward your bright future. 

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