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What Factors You Need to Consider When Buying a Water Pump

Water pumps are powerful machines designed to pump water at low or high pressure. There are various types of pumps designed for various purposes. These include electrical pumps, diesel pumps, electrical pumps, and many others that are constantly being invented to suit the various needs of consumers. Diesel water pumps are, however, largely standard among all these.

  • The cost of the pump

This is essential for finding a good quality water pump at your planned or laid down budget. Diesel water pump prices in Kenya are considered to be affordable in the market. Using alternative power sources could be costly on initial installation, even though they are cheap in the long run since they rely on sunlight for their energy.

  • Environmental concerns.

Aside from just the affordability of the water pump, it is essential to evaluate the possible environmental the use of the particular pump could have on the environment. Power sources such as gas-powered water pumps pose a significant threat to global warming due to producing harmful fumes that may even cause health threats to those operating them, although they are a cheap option.

  • Engine mounted

The components of engine-mounted pumps can be vertical, horizontal, or even floating mounts. Engine-mounted pumps have the advantage of giving greater control over the amount of heat generated. The disadvantage posed by a pump powered by electricity is that some areas may not have access to electricity hence is limiting.

  • Amount of water that needs to be pumped.

This should be one of the significant factors that are put into consideration. Choose a pump that suits that need depending on the amount of water you intend to get pumped and at what rate. Solar-powered pumps need to store water and may not be a good choice when the job requires a lot of water to be pumped.

  • Working conditions available.

When choosing a water pump based on power source then, it is wise to choose one that requires a readily available energy source and, to some extent, renewable.

In developing areas, a diesel rather than an electrical powered pump is a better option due to the lack of electricity in such areas.

  • Ease of use /operation

Some pumps may require expert knowledge to operate, while some only require basic knowledge and following simple manufacturing instructions.

Therefore depending on your plan and the availability of experts required for the operation of the pump, choose one which does not stretch your pocket by needing experts if you did not intend for that provision and that can be easily operated.


It is without a doubt that the purchase of a good quality water pump can be challenging, especially with the large variety available in the markets, with each brand and company claiming to have the best version. For this reason, being conversant and well-knowledgeable is essential to avoid buying from fraudulent sellers.

The above article is an excellent guide based on the pump’s power source that will come in handy for anyone e seeking to purchase a good quality, long-lasting and effective water pump.

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