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What is the UK Permit Visa 2023?

The United Kingdom work permit visa enables non-EU citizens to work and live in the country for a certain period of time. You must know that there are various types of visas that allow you to enter the United Kingdom and start a new life there. However, here in this blog, we are going to talk about the UK work permit visa, which is issued to skilled workers who already have a job offer in the United Kingdom from a UK employer. This visa is basically a legal requirement for anyone who wants to work in the UK from outside the European economic area. In this specific article, we will discuss the various types of work permit visas.

What are Various Types of Work Permit Visas?

If we talk about the UK work permit visa, you must know that there are usually three types of work permit visas that we are mentioning below. Some of the most common work permit visas are mentioned below. 

  • Tier 1 Visa: This visa category is specifically designed by the UK government for exceptionally qualified individuals who have a job offer in hand from a UK-based employer. This visa basically remains valid for a period of five years. After completing five years under this visa route, you can even apply for an extension and can even apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR)
  • Tier 2 Visa: This visa route is designed explicitly for non-EU skilled workers with a job offer in hand from a UK-based employer. The tier 2 work permit visa is also valid for five years, and applicants can even apply to extend their stay in the United Kingdom. This visa route also allows you to apply for the ILR.
  • Tier 5 Visa: This visa route also comes under the UK work permit visa. The Tier 5 visa route is designed for skilled workers who wish to work in the United Kingdom for a shorter period of time. This visa will be specifically valid for a period of two years and more than that. Once you enter the UK through this visa route, you won’t be able to extend your stay in the country. 

What are the Requirements for the UK Work Permit Visa?

If you want to visit the UK for work purposes as a non-EU citizen, you have to choose a valid visa route. However, every visa route that streamlines your path to enter the UK has some particular requirements which are essential to meet. Here we are mentioning some of those specific requirements of the UK work permit visa.

  • You must have a valid job offer in hand from a UK-based employer to apply for this visa category. Without a valid offer letter, you won’t be able to apply for this visa route. 
  • Being an applicant of this visa route, you must be able to speak and understand the English language. This is one of the utmost requirements of the UKVI if you choose this visa route. The UK government want to make sure that the applicant must have an understanding of speaking, writing and reading the English language. 
  • While applying for this visa route, you will also have to prove your financial independence. You have to demonstrate that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in the UK and you will not rely on the UK government’s funds. 
  • You will also be required to provide a criminal record check certificate from your home country to the UK visas and immigration firm as proof of your non-involvement in any criminal offences. 

What is the Application Process for a UK Work Permit Visa?

You must know that the application process for UK work permit visas may vary depending on the type of visa you have applied for. However, here we have mentioned some of the usual ways of the application process for this visa route. 

  • Before applying for this visa route, it is essential that you have a valid job offer in hand from a UK-based employer. 
  • Now, if you have a job offer in hand, you can apply for a work permit visa from the UK government’s website. You will be required to fill in the application form appropriately and attach all the required documents with your visa application. 
  • Once your application gets approved, you will have to attend the visa appointment at a UK visa application centre. During this appointment, you will have to provide your biometric information, such as your fingerprints and photographs. 
  • After attending your appointment, you have to wait for the decision on UK visas and immigration upon your visa application. Your visa application may take up to three weeks, depending on the type of visa you applied for. However, if everything goes well with your application, you may also receive the decision within a week. 

However, if you find these steps difficult and challenging, you can even take help from an immigration law firm such as A Y & J Solicitor. They have a tremendous team of solicitors who can help you with every step of this visa category. You can write for us lawyer


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