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What Should You Do After An Auto Accident?

Accidents come unannounced, so you need to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Besides having an auto accident lawyer by your side there are a few things that you should do when you are dealing with an auto accident. Here are a few tips from an auto accident lawyer in Rockford about the things you should do after an accident. 

  • Do not run away after an accident 

When you have faced an accident, some people think that it is better to run away from the scene. But it will be the worst decision you take. Running away from the scene might indicate that you are at fault for the accident. 

Get out of the car and inspect the scene instead of running away. 

  • Call the police 

After you get out of the scene, the first thing you need to do is call the police. Calling the police will ensure that the accident has been reported. Even if you think that you might be at fault for the accident do not hesitate to call the police. 

After the police arrive, give every detail of the accident to the police. Do not skip any part or lie to them. If you are unsure about any information they are asking for tell them that you do not know. 

  • Click photos 

Before the police arrive you will get some time in your hands. During this time take pictures of the accident spot, the damaged car, and any injuries you have. These are important pieces of evidence that will help you during the accident claim. These photos of the accident scene are very crucial and you must keep these for future reference. 

  • Call for medical help 

When you are dealing with an accident, it is very obvious that you will be physically injured. So after you get out of the car depending on the severity of the accident call for medical help. If you are not severely injured, still do not miss this step. 

Medical reports hold immense importance when it comes to accident claims. Not going to the doctor might indicate that you are not at all injured and it will hamper your compensation. 


These are the must-dos after an auto accident. Do not miss any step or you will miss a huge chunk of your compensation. Further, call an auto accident attorney who will help to claim the compensation. 

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