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What To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano

Are you considering buying a digital piano? Considering such a significant choice requires much thinking. It’s typically a good practice to create a type of shopping list when you purchase something and figure out what you require and desire based on your objectives and previous knowledge.

You may use the criteria in this guide to choose which digital piano is ideal for you. Is Roland Digital Pianos on your list? The purpose of this list—which is not exhaustive—is to offer you a general notion of things to think about before investing your hard-earned money.

Keys’ sensitivity and response

The weight and responsiveness of the keyboard are expressed by the keys of a digital piano. There are several excellent digital pianos with incredibly lifelike key movements, despite the fact that no digital piano can fully replicate the hardness of an acoustic keyboard when hit.

Start by looking for a piano with a hammer effect keyboard or a counterbalanced keyboard. A graded keyboard also adds a little realism, and it’s thrilling that certain pianos let you customise the response of the notes to your preferences.

Sound performance

The digital piano’s tone and sound are the next items you should assess. Beginners might not need expensive colours and noise, however, the quality will increase as the money does.

If you’re a newbie searching for a digital piano like Roland Digital Pianos, be aware that you won’t advance in ability until you find the piano with the greatest quality and audio texture for your price range.

Taking samples

Direct recordings from acoustic pianos are reproduced by digital pianos. The number of samples gathered for each acoustics effect increases with keyboard quality. Furthermore, expensive systems take various samples of a single note.

It’s due to the fact that changing the colour of an acoustic piano changes the texture of the sound. Every brand like Roland Digital Pianos uses a unique system. The majority of digital pianos come with various standard piano sounds.


It refers to the number of sounds you can play at once. Polyphony ranges from 32 tones for the most basic versions, up to more than 200 for the better models. If we only have 10 fingers, why else do we necessitate so many notes? It’s about the sustain pedal.

The following demo provides the clearest illustration of how polyphony impacts it. Despite the quick sequence of dwindling high notes, the bass chord produced at the beginning is still audible.


The quality and loudness of the piano’s audio output will depend on the size, number, and power of the speakers. In contrast, when the speaker size grows, the keyboard’s total weight likewise steadily rises. You can check Roland Digital Pianos to know more about high-quality branded ones.

Library of sound

Most pianists provide their renditions online primarily as a freebie. Digital pianos include the networking feature, allowing you to effectively use those interpretations in your model. There are various built-in music libraries that many piano makers include; some of them are free, but many of them have a cost.

The music collection, however, is independent of the piano model you select. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry too much about the sounds that are also integrated into your piano as you may modify it in post-production if you are primarily interested in filming your sessions for YouTube or any other video site.


For beginners, taking into account the construction materials is essential when purchasing a digital piano. The less costly variants will come with plastic keys, whereas the more costly or intermediate ones will come with keys made of synthetic ivory.

The latter key types enable you to gain a better grasp and eliminate the differences between a digital piano and an acoustic piano by offering a genuine execution style.

In addition to the tools, purchasing a digital piano with touch sensibility and partially mitigated keys is helpful for novices. Your capacity to play expressively will increase as a result of these key kinds, which will also help you build the right finger technique as you learn.


It is crucial to consider mobility. If you want a piano for your house, you may easily purchase a large digital piano given the available room like Roland Digital Pianos. However, if you need to take the keyboard on the road, you must purchase a portable model.

The digital piano comes in four primary styles: vertical, modern, portable, and stage. Although each of these kinds has advantages, it is crucial to determine which digital piano style you will require before making an investment in one of them.

Since they need a bigger sound and must transport them wherever they play, the digital stage pianos are made exclusively for professionals.

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