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What to Consider When Choosing an Incubator for Your Poultry Farm

Finding the right incubator for a poultry farm is one of the challenging tasks for a farmer. One needs to go through thorough research to be able to make the right choice. This article will help you identify the right incubator for your farm.

As a poultry farmer, there comes a time when one cannot do without an incubator. It is because of the high need to maximize productivity. With the many eggs hatched daily, one cannot stop to think of an incubator. Today, there are so many types of incubators in the market.

One needs to be well-informed for them to make the right choice. Also, one needs to consider the following factors before purchasing an incubator.

Number of Eggs It Can Accommodate

The capacity of an incubator varies from one to another. There are incubators built with smaller capabilities, ranging from half a dozen to those that can accommodate hundreds of eggs. A farmer needs to consider the number of eggs they produce before choosing an incubator.

For farmers producing few eggs, the low-capacity incubator is the best option. For the farmers in large-scale production, the ones with higher capacities are what they need to consider.

Manual or Automatic

The incubators in this category are of two types. The manual option is designed to do a part of the task, and the farmer completes the rest. The egg incubator requires the farmer to always check the conditions and adjust at most times. The farmer also has to turn the eggs at least three times a day, to prevent the developing bird from sticking to one side.

The automatic incubator is more advanced. It regulates the temperature and humidity levels at all times. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology, and the farmer has to tap a button to get things right and working.

Forced Air and Still Air

In this factor, there is one difference that distinguishes them. For the forced air incubator, a fan pumps air to all corners. It ensures that the temperature is uniform and at the right level. This incubator will ensure that your eggs have a suitable temperature for hatching.

The still air incubator lacks a fan to do the air supply. The air in this is calm; making the farmer liable to ensure it is always at the correct levels.

Ease of Cleaning

During incubation, the humidity and temperatures make the incubators interior dirty, with some extracts from the eggs sticking to the walls. The humidity and temperature in the incubator create a suitable breeding ground for bacteria. Also, as the eggs hatch and the chicks dry, they add up to this. Consider also some eggs breaking in the process.

This condition calls for regular clean-up at intervals of hatching. Therefore the design and make of the incubator become so important when choosing the right one. Ensure it is easy to clean.


Every farmer has a budget. The budget is what dictates what you can get from the market. From the above factors, the lower the budget, the more work one will have to accomplish the machine. Ensure your budget is reasonable so that you get a better machine.


When buying an incubator, ensure it will make your output desirable and satisfactory. Make sure you get one with a suitable capacity and at a considerable budget.

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