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What to Expect If You Refuse Medical Care After a Car Accident in Toledo

After a car accident, you may refuse to seek medical treatment if you don’t feel serious pain. But not seeing a doctor after an accident can impact your claim. This could give the insurance provider a reason to make a lowball settlement offer or deny your car accident claim. It is important to know that even minor car accidents in Toledo can lead to injuries that seem serious at first but get worse gradually. 

Following a car crash, you must seek prompt medical attention even if you feel unharmed. This is important for both your health and financial recovery. If you have sustained an injury in a car accident because of negligence, a car accident lawyer can walk you through your options and keep your rights protected. 

Can You Refuse Medical Treatment after a Car Accident?

While you can refuse treatment after a crash, it is a big mistake. Medical treatment is important for many reasons. First, it’s your only way to recover from your injuries. Also, your refusal can negatively affect your claim’s outcome. You need to have a good reason to refuse treatment. For instance, it may be reasonable to refuse treatment if it’s quite risky and may not give a lot of benefits. You may explore alternative treatments that might also be effective. Refusing a kind of treatment to seek an alternative kind of treatment can make it difficult for the insurer to use this against your claim. But if you refuse treatment without getting an alternative treatment, the insurer can strongly argue that your injury may not be serious enough to warrant compensation. 

What Happens if You Refuse Treatment

If you refuse to seek medical treatment after a car accident, the insurer may question the existence of your injury. Your accident claim is only valid if you sustained true injuries because of the negligence of another party. If you refuse medical treatment, the insurer will argue that you did not sustain serious injuries or that you are defrauding them. 

In addition, your refusal to seek treatment means you won’t have medical bills to justify bringing a compensation claim. Keep in mind that you can only recover compensation if you sustained damages due to the actions of another person. If you don’t see a doctor following a car accident, you might not be able to prove you sustained economic damages you want the insurance provider to compensate you for. 

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