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What You Need Consider When Buying a Pipe Threading Machine

They are used for cutting threads on conduits and pipes. They vary in design, but the core function is the same. The decision of the appropriate pipe threading machine to purchase depends on its use and your budget.

The machines differ in design and size. Some are manually operated while others are powered, others differ in mobility as there are portable ones, and others are freestanding pipe threading machines. The decision on which to purchase depends on the customer’s needs and financial budget. Other factors need to be put in place when buying a device to be looked into.

  • The size and design

Pipe threading devices for small businesses and commercial works are different in size and design. The purpose of use determines the design and size, which vary in price. Portable and freestanding threading machines are other but work the same to achieve the desired purpose. Your option depends on the work to be done and the budget.

  • The brand

Identifying a brand with a good reputation is key before making a purchase. You don’t spend money on something you don’t know about; it’s, therefore, important to research and get a trusted brand on the market. A well-established brand guarantees a safe and quality threading machine. For a reputable brand, it will be easy to access spare parts during repair and maintenance.

  • The application types

There are manual types and powered ones. Your application choice depends on the production you want to produce. If you want to produce on a large scale, choosing the powered type is best. Depending on your production, choose what meets your needs and budget.

1. Manual pipe threading machine

The user turns a handle to rotate the pipe and use a die to cut the threads on this sort of machine. Compared to other varieties, manual pipe threading machines are frequently smaller and less expensive, making them ideal for sporadic use and smaller pipe sizes.

2. Electric pipe threading machine

This particular threading machine uses an electric motor to rotate the pipe and use a die to cut the threads. Compared to manual devices, electric pipe threading machines are quicker and more effective, and they can handle greater pipe sizes and more frequent use.

3. Automatic threading machine

These fully automated equipment can make threads on pipes without assistance from a person. They are perfect for settings with high production volumes.

4. Pipe cutting machine

Before threading, pipes are cut using these machines to the necessary length.

  • Reliability of the machine

Reliability affects the price of a pipe threading machine. When buying it, you need one that achieves the goal which the device is made for. The machine is expected to do any job you wish and should not shut down.

Sometimes you may require to work with rigid pipes or conduits, so a reliable machine should be key. It’s best to look for a device that can work on any material without breaking down.


Buying a pipe threading machine that fits all your needs is key. However, it’s more important to check some critical points affecting the machine’s service life and the device’s cost. Source

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